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CUHK Breakthrough in Discovering the Mechanism of Plant COPII Vesicle Formation to Mitigate Abiotic Stresses Providing New Insights into Developing Stress-resistant Crops

Plants have developed various counter mechanisms to subdue the stress caused by extreme environments such as drought and heat. For instance, some plants will undergo defoliation or close their stomata to reduce water loss and increase the chance of survival. Details of how these mechanisms were activated in the endomembrane system have still not been… Read more »

Vegetation management has a robotic future

Renu Robotics, based in San Antonio, Texas, is developing new innovations in autonomous technology for the renewable energy industry. PES spoke to CEO Tim Matus to learn more. PES: Tim, tell us how Renu Robotics is serving the renewable energy industry – particularly solar – and what’s the latest on the company’s innovations? Tim Matus:… Read more »

A digital world

Stefan Weber, Managing Director of returns to PES to discuss the logistics of supplying spare parts and repair products as and when they are needed, wherever that may be. How big a role does digitization and automation play in making all the pieces of the puzzle fit? PES: It is lovely to welcome you… Read more »

Upping the stakes: expanding horizons

As wind turbines get bigger, wind parks larger and authorities and safety standards are continuously raised by authorities and energy companies, offshore shipping becomes more and more specialised. PES caught up with Sven Boedewig, Managing Director of Waterworks Offshore Concepts, to find out how modern ship finance is meeting high-quality brokerage to get a fair… Read more »

Fiber technology takes shape for blade management

Detecting damage in turbine blades at an early stage can go a long way to ensuring their efficiency is maximised. PES was keen to learn from Fibersail’s Pedro Pinto CEO and co-founder, Carlos Oliveira, co-founder and executive director about the possibilities for using fiber optics in monitoring blade performance and condition. Could it be a… Read more »

Lift off for efficient, cost-effective turbine assembly

How do you make sure that safety, effectiveness, price-performance ratio and service are all in good shape in wind turbine installation? Manfred Eberhard, CEO of Germany based ematec AG, enlightens PES on how a new generation of rotor blade lifters may be about to revolutionise single blade assembly from the ground up. PES: It’s great… Read more »

Self containment

Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director at ELA Container Offshore GmbH, talks PES through the advantages of renting offshore containers, the option to buy and the possibility of liveable models complete with fitness studios, kitchen areas and even somewhere to do your laundry. PES: Hello Hans, the last time we talked together was at the beginning of… Read more »

Safe landings with offshore drone inspections

Drone technology is increasingly being used to good effect in the wind industry, freeing up manpower, reducing downtime and putting personnel safety as a top priority. Alex Hall, Chief Technology Officer, Drone Inspect Services tells PES about how the nuts and bolts of the system work and the benefits of managing the entire inspection process… Read more »

Working smarter while working harder

Achieving true logistic visibility from planning to completion may seem like something of a pipe dream for offshore operators, but can digitizing and automating many processes and linking procurement and operations make it a reality? Jim Hededal Nielsen, CEO & Founder of DECK1, tells PES why he believes it can. PES: A very warm welcome… Read more »

Plant inspections on the fly

Move over drones, could airplanes be the next big thing for site inspections? PES had a conversation with Wesii CEO, Mauro Migliazzi to find out why he believes the advantages of this solution will forever change the way the solar industry inspects PV plants. PES: A very warm welcome back to PES Solar Mauro, it’s… Read more »

Clear thinking

As the world steers its way towards carbon neutrality and the immediate effects of climate change are brought into ever sharper focus, Claire Gardner, Marketing Manager, Europe, at Solis spoke to PES about what the future may have in store and how solar technology looks set to play its part. PES: It’s great to welcome… Read more »

Grid-forming takes charge

Grid-forming is an emerging technology that allows solar and inverter-based energy sources to power up the grid independently. We spoke with Blair Reynolds, product manager for energy storage with SMA America, about his perspective on the technology, case studies and how the future of the industry may change in response to grid-forming. PES: It’s lovely… Read more »

ISO 9060: 2018 reflects the reality much better than its predecessor

In late 2018, the ISO 9060 standard for solar radiometers underwent a remarkable update that brought significant changes to the classification of solar radiation measurement quality. At first glance, ISO 9060:2018 appears to be mainly a renaming of radiometer classification launched in the original version from 1990. But, as often, the devil is in the… Read more »

Keeping an eye on video technology

It is the nature of the beast that solar parks are often sited in remote locations and with so many valuable components, keeping them secure from theft and vandalism can be a challenge. PES had a great interview with Marc Thurn, CEO of LivEye International Group, along with his colleagues Arkadiusz Plaskowicki, CCO, LivEye International… Read more »

Size Matters!

The photovoltaics market continues to grow: the cumulative installed PV capacity in Europe reached 151.7GW at the end of 2020. The potential for both residential and commercial applications is still huge. But the market requirements change. In addition to larger modules with higher outputs, visual aesthetics play an increasingly important role. This also influences the… Read more »

Thinking small to make it big

PES caught up with Dr. Daniel Faltermeier, Founder and Managing Partner of helioconsult, to see how the pandemic and its aftermath has impacted the market for small scale renewable energy systems. Could flexibility hold the key to high market demand in this sector? PES: Welcome to PES Daniel, it’s great to meet you again. Perhaps… Read more »

Well stored

As residential PV systems are becoming increasingly complex and new technologies come to market, PES was keen to hear from Thomas Haering, Managing Director of GoodWe, about its installer program and how it’s becoming a one-stop-shop for complete storage systems. PES: A warm welcome to PES Thomas, it’s lovely to have you with us. It… Read more »

Keeping clean solar on track

Balancing the ever-rising cost of raw materials against the rate of return is always precarious and never more so since the pandemic and the resulting logistics issues. PES caught up with Arturo Herrero, Chief BD Officer at GameChange to see how he’s using his experience to good effect for EPCs and developers. PES: A very… Read more »

Sustainability through team work

As the effects of climate change continue to be felt around the world, the need for sustainable resources to dampen the effects of our environmental impact becomes ever greater. PES had some more questions for Alessandro Anderlini Business Manager responsible for the EMEA markets in Coveme’s PV Solar and Specialty Films Divisions and Steve Davies… Read more »

Prevention better than cure during icing season

As our winters get colder and turbines get bigger, icing presents a host of potential pitfalls for wind farmers. Wicetec looks to overcome these challenges with its Ice Prevention System, helping to avoid a repeat of the Texas big freeze power outage earlier this year. PES caught up with Petteri Antikainen, the company’s Co-Founder and… Read more »

A holistic approach to wind energy

Kaveh Etemadi, Managing Director, ROBUR Wind GmbH and Director Global Sales of the whole Business Unit ROBUR WND, spoke to PES about his holistic vison and approach to wind: turbines, assets and services. This company offers a total package throughout the life of a turbine, with training and H&S permeating every aspect. Firmly established in… Read more »

Moving with the times

PES Wind love the fact that Amanda Gardiner, Managing Director at Durham Lifting, grew up around engineering. She is rightly proud of the company’s place in keeping Teesside’s heritage alive. Embracing change and innovative technology, loving a challenge and doing things right, this team is here to stay. PES: Welcome to PES Wind Amanda. It’s… Read more »

Smart batteries

PES had a great exchange with Tynan Coles, CEO at Soltaro. Did you know there are now smart batteries? It seems that we are in a period where software can be added to anything to improve performance. We heard today about the built in possibilities, which allow the user to control the output of the… Read more »

Top notch quality control

Friedrich P Witek, Senior Manager at SENTECH, took time out to bring PES up-to-date with the progress of this innovative company. Their quality control (QC) solutions are second to none, rolled out world-wide and their market presence is rapidly expanding. They have come on leaps and bounds since our last interview in 2016. Read on… Read more »

Ease and efficiency for the installer and the customer

Eturnity’s CEO Matthias Wiget, was optimistic about the future when he spoke to PES recently. This company provides two very specialized digital tools to both installers / utilities and property owners. These automated solutions save time and address the customers’ needs, whilst simultaneously providing a fast and cost effective service to both the client and… Read more »

Collaboration with sustainability at its core

PES had a great interview with Steve Davies, PV Market Manager at DuPont Teijin Films and Alessandro Anderlini, Business Manager responsible for the EMEA markets in Coveme’s PV Solar and Specialty Films Divisions. This is a good example of suppliers and manufacturers collaborating to provide the best product for their clients. Sustainability is of paramount… Read more »

How much sun will you harvest today?

PES was delighted to catch up with Birk Kraas, Commercial Head of Meteorological Services at CSP Services. He leads a team with experience in highly specialized and customized measurement equipment. Between them, they have built up a large bank of knowledge and know-how over many years. Being able to carry out work remotely, as well… Read more »

Overcoming module degradation

CEO & Founder, Simon Meijer, gave PES a thought-provoking introduction to COOLBACK. Their aim is to keep modules cooler, adding strength with less materials, whilst keeping an eye on their carbon footprint. What could be better than an R&D oriented company to lead the way in curbing module degradation? PES: Thank you for taking some… Read more »

On top of the world

From one extreme to another Derek Jones, Renewable Energy Group Manager at Campbell Scientific, speaks to PES about their measurement systems. They use the latest, best technology, to provide the most accurate data to the solar industry. They have a full range of solutions which can be tailor made for clients and cover an extreme… Read more »

How can we make the most of the UK’s green industrial revolution?

Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of Van Aalst Group, talked to PES about the place of Safeway Gangway in the group. There are various gangways all providing safe walk to work solutions, with differing options depending on where they are being used. Training and safety are key and thus taken very seriously, as can be seen… Read more »

Top of the class software for inspections

In this changing world of the pandemic, PES was pleased to catch up, albeit remotely, with Geoffrey Vancassel, CEO and founder of Sterblue. This seemed very apt for a company that doesn’t need a physical presence to serve its clients. Their state-of-the-art software can save their clients huge amounts of money and be used independently…. Read more »

Renting instead of buying: flexibility on demand

PES spoke with Hans Gatzemeier, CEO of ELA Container Offshore Gmbh, about how to increase flexibility by renting their offshore mobile room solutions. This solution is proving more and more popular, as it means that once finished with, the containers can be collected. The pandemic has meant working in different ways, and Hans admits he… Read more »

Eliminate the risk, use smart bolting solutions

Calum Urquhart, Global Business Manager, Energy at Atlas Copco spoke enthusiastically to PES about smart bolting. For sure everyone has been hit by the pandemic but this innovative company, with a strong emphasis on R&D, supporting the customer and sustainability have found new ways of working, which will carry on after the pandemic. PES: Hi… Read more »