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Lift off for efficient, cost-effective turbine assembly

How do you make sure that safety, effectiveness, price-performance ratio and service are all in good shape in wind turbine installation? Manfred Eberhard, CEO of Germany based ematec AG, enlightens PES on how a new generation of rotor blade lifters may be about to revolutionise single blade assembly from the ground up.

PES: It’s great to have you with us Manfred and to learn more about where ematec sits within the wind industry. Could you start with a brief overview of what you do?

Manfred Eberhard: It’s great to be here. ematec AG is a leading supplier of rotor blade lifters for single blade assembly of wind turbines. Using innovative solutions, we have revolutionized the assembly process of wind turbines in recent years.

Our current RBC and RBC-D generation lifters offer a unique concept; thanks to the automatic adaptive blade interface, the ematec yokes can handle all blade shapes on the market, regardless of the manufacturer and blade dimensions. The blades can be tilted up to ±30 degrees and pitched up to a maximum of ± 8 degrees.

PES: You have repeatedly caused a stir with your lifters in recent years. What is the secret behind your success?

ME: Our goal is to be recognized as an innovator for single-blade assembly of rotor blades. We want to be the best in all areas; in work safety, effectiveness, price-performance ratio and, of course, in service and after-sales service. We are really proud of our success so far and it is not in vain that we recently invested over 1.6 million euros in the development of the new RBC-D Greenline.

PES: You mention the price: Your yokes are sometimes twice as expensive as solutions from other suppliers, is that right?

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