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Collaboration with sustainability at its core

PES had a great interview with Steve Davies, PV Market Manager at DuPont Teijin Films and Alessandro Anderlini, Business Manager responsible for the EMEA markets in Coveme’s PV Solar and Specialty Films Divisions. This is a good example of suppliers and manufacturers collaborating to provide the best product for their clients. Sustainability is of paramount importance to both companies, which gives them a strong common ethos.

PES: Welcome to PES Steve and Alessandro. It is lovely to have both DuPont Teijin Films and Coveme taking part in the interview to give a well-rounded perspective. If we can begin with DuPont Teijn Films first of all; can you give us a brief introduction to the company for those who may not know?

Steve Davies: DuPont Teijin Films are one of the leading global suppliers of polyester films, supplying multiple markets and applications. We see the solar industry as strategic for our company and are the leading supplier of polyester film for front and backsheet applications.

There are over 50GW of installed capacity with backsheets using our Mylar® UVHPET™ products as the outer protective layer, and since launching these products in partnership with Coveme in 2008 we have not had a single reported field failure.

PES: And Alessandro, tell us a little bit about Coveme and what you do?

Alessandro Anderlini: Coveme is a world leading converter of PET films thanks to 60 years of experience in transforming this extraordinary material. We treat, coat, heat-stabilize, laminate and cut polyester film for a wide range of applications, from PV to biomedical, graphic and industrial print, microelectronics and automotive.

We have two production sites in Italy and China accounting for over 15GW capacity and three research and development laboratories, in Italy, China and Germany. With 20-year long experience in producing backsheets we managed to supply to the photovoltaic industry over 350 Mil sqm of backsheet and frontsheet without reporting any PV module failure.

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