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Keeping clean solar on track

Balancing the ever-rising cost of raw materials against the rate of return is always precarious and never more so since the pandemic and the resulting logistics issues. PES caught up with Arturo Herrero, Chief BD Officer at GameChange to see how he’s using his experience to good effect for EPCs and developers.

PES: A very warm welcome back to PES Arturo. We have spoken in the past as many of our readers will no doubt remember and it’s great to get your perspective on the solar industry and where you see the market heading. For anyone new to PES though, could you give us a brief overview of GameChange?

Arturo Herrero: Thanks again for your interest. GameChange Solar is the top #3 US company in the racking and tracker industry, and currently top #6 in the world. Our commitment is to expand internationally, to position GameChange also in the top worldwide. We have already passed the threshold of 12 GW of sold and we’ve built over 24 GW production capacity.

PES: On a personal level, you have a great deal of experience in the renewable energy sector don’t you? So, you must have witnessed quite a few changes and developments in that time?

AH: I began my career as an engineer in BP Solar over 20 years ago, moving from oil to solar in 2001. Castrol was bought by BP Oil a couple of years before and I was a young sales and marketing manager for Castrol, and later at BP Oil, switching to Global Procurement Manager at BP Solar.

In solar, the early 2000s began with generous feed-in-tariff schemes in Germany that spread around Europe, following in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and the UK.

PES: No doubt there have been lots of challenges to keep you on your toes during your career so far, but what about the triumphs? What would you class as your biggest challenge and then your biggest success so far?

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