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Renting instead of buying: flexibility on demand

PES spoke with Hans Gatzemeier, CEO of ELA Container Offshore Gmbh, about how to increase flexibility by renting their offshore mobile room solutions. This solution is proving more and more popular, as it means that once finished with, the containers can be collected. The pandemic has meant working in different ways, and Hans admits he has missed the personal contact at trade shows and looks forward to business resuming as usual as soon as possible.

PES: Hi Hans, it’s great to hear from you and your team once again. It’s been around 6 months since we last spoke and the pandemic certainly hasn’t made things any simpler in the industry.

Hans Gatzemeier: Many thanks, and yes, I think the last report was in November 2020. At that point we thought the end of the pandemic was in sight, but here we are still in the midst of it. Vaccinations have provided the light at the end of the tunnel for us. However, we will most likely be required to continue to be patient.

PES: You have maintained a strong presence at trade fairs and events despite the situation. As these were mainly digital, I’d be interested to learn whether you believe these virtual formats are a promising alternative?

HG: I personally find virtual events a little impersonal. I find there are a lack of interpersonal connections, small talk, sharing a joke, shaking hands, or just grabbing a coffee. In short, it’s easier to get to know your conversation partner face to face. It’s then possible to take a more targeted approach towards their requirements and the product. Unquestionably, the impact of this digital format will likely continue after the pandemic, but for me, it has also highlighted the importance of personal contact.

PES: From this, can we assume that planning for trade fairs and events has once again resumed at full speed?

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