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Safe landings with offshore drone inspections

Drone technology is increasingly being used to good effect in the wind industry, freeing up manpower, reducing downtime and putting personnel safety as a top priority. Alex Hall, Chief Technology Officer, Drone Inspect Services tells PES about how the nuts and bolts of the system work and the benefits of managing the entire inspection process in this way.

PES: It’s great to welcome you back to PES Wind once again. We’ve spoken many times in the past and it’s always good to get your perspective on the latest innovations in inspection technology for our market. We’d love to start by asking how Drone Inspect Services is positioned to keep up with developments in the offshore inspection market?

Alex Hall: It’s good to be speaking with you again. We have spent the last 18 months strengthening our position of drone operating and product developing. The offshore market is growing exponentially, so naturally the need for inspections increases. New technology, such as drone-based lightning protection system testing (LPS), is fast becoming a game-changing process for O&Ms.

PES: There are many benefits in using aerial drones to inspect marine assets, especially in the offshore wind industry. As the industry grows and the number of blades that need to be inspected grows with it, how do you see your role within the industry developing?

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