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High ambition with low carbon footprints

PES is thrilled to introduce both Norwegian Crystals AS, a new contributor to the solar value chain and Gøran Bye, a familiar name and the company’s CEO. With over 20 years of executive management and leadership experience within the PV industry in Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East, he has now moved back home to Norway, to take the reins of a re-emerging monocrystalline ingot manufacturer. Gøran and his team have high ambitions for Norwegian Crystals.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar Gøran, it’s wonderful to have you with us and to have the opportunity to learn more about Norwegian Crystals. With that in mind, perhaps you would like to begin with a brief introduction to the company, for those less familiar with it?

Gøran Bye: Certainly! Norwegian Crystal AS (NCR) has operations located in Northern Norway, a region that has access to clean hydropower, a skilled workforce and a rich tradition rooted in the solar industry. It is there where we specialize in making high quality and cost-efficient monocrystalline silicon products with an ultra-low carbon footprint. We have gone so far as to trademark that as ULCF-Si.

There has been monocrystalline silicon production in the town of Glomfjord, where we are located, for the last 25 years. Simply put, there is a lot of knowledge and competency in the area. With this extensive industry experience, we have navigated the company through significant changes and successfully prepared the company to become one of the most sought-after sources for monocrystalline silicon materials, worldwide.

In addition to the global interest in our products we see a general growth in the PV industry and a re-emergence of the solar value chain in Europe. The growing demand for our ingots and wafers and the increased interest from the industry have prompted us to accelerate our significant expansions.

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