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Ease and efficiency for the installer and the customer

Eturnity’s CEO Matthias Wiget, was optimistic about the future when he spoke to PES recently. This company provides two very specialized digital tools to both installers / utilities and property owners. These automated solutions save time and address the customers’ needs, whilst simultaneously providing a fast and cost effective service to both the client and the installer.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar, it’s good to talk with you. Would you like to begin by giving us an overview of Eturnity?

Matthias Wiget: Yes of course. At Eturnity, we specialise in digital consulting and sales solutions for decentralised energy systems.

Consulting and compiling a quotation by the installer are very time-consuming. However, it’s only to be expected that those interested in a PV system want a total service provider who can show them different variations, and not just a pure sales pitch.

It’s possible to give automated yet precise advice digitally, which addresses the needs of customers. This has long since ceased to be purely economic in nature. This philosophy was the basis of our Eturnity Solar Solution. This consists of two digital instruments: Solar Calculator and Solar Expert. The focus is a customer-oriented and effective process from acquisition to sales.

PES: So, you are offering 2 main tools: Solar Calculator and Solar Expert, what are the primary differences in these tools, and how are they helping your customers?

MW: The Solar Calculator supports the initial contact of energy service providers and installers. It is integrated directly on their website and adapted to their design. Thereby, the Solar Calculator takes on the role of being the first filter on both sides i.e. for the customer as well as the installer.

The end customer receives a simulation of their personal energy system and then obtains an overview according to their criteria, such as CO2 reduction, and compares providers, if necessary, as a total solution, combined with various technologies, from heating to e-mobility.

The installer uses the Solar Calculator to generate their customer contacts and at the same time sees who is only obtaining initial information and who is planning a concrete project. The data from the Solar Calculator is directly transferred and subsequently used to automate the remaining processes of the offer and sales process.

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