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On top of the world

From one extreme to another

Derek Jones, Renewable Energy Group Manager at Campbell Scientific, speaks to PES about their measurement systems. They use the latest, best technology, to provide the most accurate data to the solar industry. They have a full range of solutions which can be tailor made for clients and cover an extreme range of temperature.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar, Derek. It’s lovely to have you with us. To kick-start the interview, it would be good to learn a little bit about the background to Campbell Scientific. Could you give us an overview of when the company was founded and the services you offer?

Derek Jones: Campbell Scientific has been a trusted leader in measurement systems for over 40 years. Our top priority has always been to provide the most accurate, reliable data for research and industry.

We design and manufacture instruments using state-of-the-art technology, and we make them rugged, so they are reliable in harsh environments. For example, Campbell Scientific weather stations are currently on many of the highest mountain peaks in Europe (Mont Blanc), South America (Tupungato), and Asia (Mount Everest), and on August 16, 2020, a Campbell Scientific station recorded the hottest temperature on Earth, 54°C (130° F) at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California, USA. So, as you can see, we go from extreme cold to extreme hot, and everything in between.

Campbell Scientific was organized in 1974 by two brothers, Eric and Evan Campbell, in Logan, Utah, USA.

The first product we marketed was the CA-9 Path-Averaging Laser Anemometer in 1974. The laser anemometer was followed in 1975 with the company’s first data logger, the CR5 Measurement & Control System. Since the introduction of the CR5 in 1975, Campbell Scientific has manufactured and delivered more than 400,000 data loggers, also called data acquisition systems.

Building on decades of experience, we have developed increasingly powerful data acquisition systems that have achieved worldwide use in solar energy applications. Over the years, Campbell Scientific has also established itself as a reputable manufacturer of numerous related product lines for the measurement field, including a wide variety of sensors, as well as devices and software for the collection, storage, communication, and retrieval of data.

Through innovative product development, the manufacture of high-quality products, and excellent customer support, Campbell Scientific endeavours to meet the instrumentation needs of our customers.

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