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Keeping an eye on video technology

It is the nature of the beast that solar parks are often sited in remote locations and with so many valuable components, keeping them secure from theft and vandalism can be a challenge. PES had a great interview with Marc Thurn, CEO of LivEye International Group, along with his colleagues Arkadiusz Plaskowicki, CCO, LivEye International Group & CEO LivEye sp. z o.o. and Tobias Bayer, Sector KAM Wind Energy & Solar, about the possibilities of video surveillance. Could this big brother-style technology hold the key to solar park security?

PES: Welcome to PES Solar, it’s lovely to have you with us. It’s particularly great to get to speak to all three of you, as we’re sure it will make for an interesting interview. Perhaps we can begin with a short introduction to LivEye and where you sit within the solar market?

Marc Thurn: LivEye International specialises in the surveillance of temporary risk zones with mobile security solutions. We develop and produce state-of-the-art video surveillance systems under the brand name LivEye®. We also offer camera systems for documentation purposes as well as surveillance systems for early fire detection.

In addition to our own research and development unit, we also have our own production site with partial production in Poland. Together with our 24/7 Video Monitoring & Alarm Centre, we offer top-quality video surveillance for all types of premises and our specially designed systems for outdoor use also provide comprehensive protection for solar parks.

PES: Firstly, can you explain a little bit about your work with solar parks?

Arkadiusz Plaskowicki: The expansion of renewable energies, especially in the area of photovoltaics, means the number of solar parks is also increasing. The operators of such sites are subject to various risks, particularly during the setup of a new park. As valuable materials, expensive machinery and high-quality components and solar modules can earn lots of money on the black market, solar parks are often the target of theft.

The reports of sabotage often tend to pile up. In addition to the financial cost, this can also cause huge damage to reputation. It is therefore essential for operators of such sites to invest in the security of their equipment.

Tobias Bayer: In order to provide comprehensive protection for this equipment, we first analyse the site, identify specific requirements and then create a bespoke security concept tailored to the client’s needs.

PES: Are there specific requirements for solar park surveillance as opposed to other areas of application that you cover?

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