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Clear thinking

As the world steers its way towards carbon neutrality and the immediate effects of climate change are brought into ever sharper focus, Claire Gardner, Marketing Manager, Europe, at Solis spoke to PES about what the future may have in store and how solar technology looks set to play its part.

PES: It’s great to welcome you back to PES Solar Claire. Perhaps it would be good to begin with a short overview of Solis Inverters and where the company fits in the solar market if we may, for those readers who aren’t so familiar with your work?

Claire Gardner: Our parent company, Ginlong Technologies was established in 2005 by entrepreneur, Yiming Wang who still leads the company today. He is driven and passionate about providing sustainable solutions which help to deliver against global carbon reduction targets.

In recent years Solis has become a top tier, respected string inverter manufacturer and we are proud of our top 3 market share position globally. We operate in countries across all continents and local teams provide service and support to our customers.

PES: As targets for carbon neutrality edge ever closer and the world of solar continues to develop too, presumably business is quite brisk for you at the moment?

CG: It’s certainly been an interesting time over the last year or so hasn’t it. The emergence of Covid -19 put the spotlight on so many areas of our lives that we had all perhaps overlooked.

Renewable energy and solar had been on an upward trajectory for some years and images of cities across the globe suddenly appearing in crystal clear focus with no smog hanging over them visualised the stark impact we all have on the world around us. 2020 turned out to be our most successful year yet, which we are incredibly proud of.

Quite uniquely we offer products from 700W all the way up to 350kW so whether it’s a small new build residential property or a utility scale solar project, we have an inverter to fit every situation. The journey towards carbon neutrality is a long one and with the commitment and focus from all key players in the energy sector, it’s one that we can all make together.

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