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How can we make the most of the UK’s green industrial revolution?

Wijnand van Aalst, CEO of Van Aalst Group, talked to PES about the place of Safeway Gangway in the group. There are various gangways all providing safe walk to work solutions, with differing options depending on where they are being used. Training and safety are key and thus taken very seriously, as can be seen in the introduction of the Safeway Academy. Read on to find out more…

PES: Hi Wijnand it’s great to welcome you to PES Wind. To begin with would you like to give us a brief overview of Van Aalst and explain where Safeway fits into the group?

Wijnand van Aalst: The Van Aalst Group is a diversified company with decades of experiences with equipment installations on over 850 vessels. Companies extend from the Netherlands, multiple companies in Norway as well as in China. Safeway Gangway is part of the group.

PES: Of course, we know about Safeway Gangways in general, but what different types are there and what are their different uses?

WA: The rental fleet on Safeway consists of the Seagull type, the Safeway Seagull is the most flexible, versatile unit with roll compensation mast, stepless height elevation, hover mode, operator cabin, covered walkway, low energy consumption, small footprint, easy to install with push button 3D tip hook function.

The Safeway Osprey is used on wind farm installation vessels assisting with the installation of monopiles and wind turbines. Providing access combined with grouting solutions. The Safeway Osprey is able to be parked vertically which allows enormous advantages in keeping deck space free for other crane activities.

The Safeway Gannet has all good features of the Safeway Seagull but was designed specifically for SOVs. Trolley handling, traditional bumper mode and stepless transfer of persons and trolleys from warehouse to turbine decks are all feasible.

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