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PV power storage: a guide

With so many of the large PV product manufacturers announcing the launch of their new storage products in 2016, what factors should you consider in order to make the best choice for your situation? Here BayWa r.e Solar Systems tells PES about some of the main features to consider: Battery lifetimeThis information is often displayed… Read more »

Solar and smart!

It’s that time again, Intersolar Europe, is on the horizon. What’s new this year? Read and and find out. Renewable energies are in vogue. While this brings new opportunities and prospects, it also creates new challenges in terms of energy management and storage. This is why Intersolar Europe 2016 will be focusing on smart renewable… Read more »

Utility Solar’s New Cleaning Paradigm

As utility solar becomes increasingly competitive, companies seek gains in efficiency and production. Ecoppia and CEO Eran Meller are delivering just that with the market’s only automated cleaning solution – and the industry has noticed. Several months ago a dust storm swept through Israel’s southern Arava Valley, depositing a fine layer of dust over utility… Read more »

PV performance monitoring technology

William Beutell, EKO, explains how innovation, research and experience contributed to the development of the new generation of pyranometers and pyrheliometers leading the way forward to more precise data collection …. While the prevailing technologies have provided consistent results for decades, new approaches were needed to push sensor performance into a new realm. Starting with… Read more »

Solar uncertainty: measuring the power from the sun

Solar uncertainty poses a problem to our industry. Geographical location, weather conditions all add to the problem. Clive Lee explains the Kipp & Zonen solution… For solar energy resource assessments, site prospecting, or monitoring the generating efficiency of solar power plants it is necessary to measure the amount of solar radiation arriving at the surface… Read more »

Standards Up Costs Down

Dr. Til Assmann and Stella Göttel, tells PES about the benefits of using UPDRAFT LS lifting slings. They are strong, precise, lighter, last longer and cost in total, less than traditional lifting slings.. UPDRAFT LS lifting slings provide the strength and precision of heavy wire rope lifting slings at just a fraction of the weight,… Read more »

Hybrid marine technology for wind farm service vessels

If wind, wave and tidal energy installations are striving for genuine ‘green’ credentials it is logical to reduce consumption of fossil fuels wherever possible. Hybrid technology is being utilised by many transport sectors and industries around the world. The marine industry is now recognising the potential of utilising hybrid power and innovative propulsion systems. The… Read more »

Wind reflections

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC, gives a global overview of wind power during 2015, a very positive year culminating in the Paris agreement in December. He predicts a steady growth in the industry over the next five years. Wind Power Leads All New Power GenerationMore than 150 nations gathered in New York, on Earth Day,… Read more »

Blade inspection Maintenance regime offshore

Wind turbines installed offshore call for special attention. Wear and tear is quite different at sea, as is corrosion on steel structures. Offshore windfarms are often located remotely, difficult to access after installation and commissioning. Morgan Troedsson, President, MacTeen Consulting Ltd explains to PES the maintenance challenges presented by rotor blades on offshore installations. Offshore… Read more »

Innovation reigns supreme at Global Offshore Wind 2016

PES gets a taster of the RenewableUK’s Global Offshore Wind 2016, now in its 15th year. It is still the only dedicated offshore wind event in the UK. It takes place on June 21st and 22nd 2016, at the Manchester Central Convention Complex. Highlights of this year’s event include cost-saving innovations, export opportunities, international networking,… Read more »

Vessel extraordinaire

PES takes a look at the world’s largest turbine installation jack-up vessel: the GustoMSC designed Seajacks Scylla, to see what it’s capable of.. GustoMSC and Seajacks have a close working relationship – together they developed the largest wind-turbine installation jack-up vessel in the world: Seajacks Scylla. A partnership which is crucial to equity capital partners… Read more »

Standards up – costs down

Dr. Til Assmann and Stella Göttel, tells PES about the benefits of using UPDRAFT LS lifting slings. They are strong, precise, lighter, last longer and cost in total, less than traditional lifting slings.. UPDRAFT LS lifting slings provide the strength and precision of heavy wire rope lifting slings at just a fraction of the weight,… Read more »

Floating LiDAR technology

Using tried and tested technology it is possible to save the cost and time of installing offshore met masts by using floating LiDAR systems Offshore wind resource assessment: floating LiDAR replacing met mastsInitial wind resource assessment is a critical first step to offshore wind development, and the single most important characteristic of a site is… Read more »

Due diligence

When wind farms change owners, detailed expertise is in high demand; these projects may involve specific risks that – although not immediately apparent – may result in higher costs, lower energy production than predicted, or liability issues that affect returns on investment and cash flow. It is therefore vital to identify potential risks in advance… Read more »

Financing for wind farms: making consistent use of empirical values

The recently revised TR6 Technical Guideline of the German Public Association of the Renewable Energy Sector (Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW)) is designed to ensure the provision of reliable yield forecasts. Wind reports based on the Guideline play a critical role for producing reliable estimates of the profitability of a wind-farm project. In the past, turbines have… Read more »

Sign of the times?

Offshore wind investments in Europe doubled in 2015 to €13.3 Billion in a record year for financing and grid-connected installations. We look at what this means for the future of offshore wind towards 2020. 
2015 proved to be a bumper year for offshore wind investments in Europe with total investment doubling from previous years. A… Read more »

Looking Beyond 2020 What Lies Ahead

We look at the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)’s view of the future energy landscape beyond 2020. Current targets set out for 2030 in Europe will see the wind energy sector and other renewable technologies transform the power sector and bring positive impacts to the European power system and the economy as we pivot towards… Read more »

Is collaboration the way forward?

SR’s Offshore Wind Conference in January tackled some big issues at a great new venue, as well as bringing together more than 250 renewables professionals in Glasgow, Scotland’s green energy capital. Here, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, Lindsay Roberts shares with PES what she took from the event… Time really does fly when you’re… Read more »

Exporting a Wind Industry

Michael Schulz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Corporate Energies company group, talks to PES about momentum of wind industry developers in emerging markets, the positive ripple effect of the wind industry on the local economy and an aim for close cooperation… Berlin based Corporate Energies company group has recently accompanied the purchase process of… Read more »

Electricity: the world is getting ever more connected

While there is a lot of talk about the growth of decentralised power generation, another trend is being largely overlooked: that of regional electricity integration. Remarkably, all over the world countries are connecting up their power systems, to make the best use of their (energy) resources, while at the same time boosting economic growth and… Read more »

Collaborate to accumulate

With a $2bn Kenyan wind farm the testing ground for a deal between US 
& China firms, the recently-launched SEASTAR Alliance and Mitsubishi’s recent link-up with Vestas, we take a closer look at wind’s new power partnerships. Is collaboration a winning model for future growth? In September this year, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach)… Read more »

Turbine Transformation A New Lease Of Life For Ageing Wind Turbines

While fresh-out-of-the-box wind turbines have their place in the wind power mix, there’s also (a growing) demand for reinvigorated assets of a certain age. We explore the re-engineering market. As the wind energy market has matured, assets are ageing and many turbines are passing the end of their warranty period. At the same time, operators… Read more »

Impact report: are offshore farms more damaging to birdlife than previously thought?

Offshore wind farms which are to be built in waters around the UK could pose a greater threat to protected populations of gannets than previously thought, according to a new study by researchers at the universities of Leeds, Exeter and Glasgow. We take a closer look at the findings. It was previously thought that gannets,… Read more »

Going global

In most parts of the world, renewable energy is flourishing – with wind power leading the charge into untapped markets and booming territories. We asked GE’s Peter Oram to provide us with an overview of the current situation in a number of key technologies… After a record year of installations in 2014, renewables accounted for… Read more »

Lets Meet In Paris

EWEA Annual Event, the world’s premier wind energy conference and exhibition, comes to the French capital this year. We examine what delegates can expect from the hotly-anticipated show, which is taking place just two weeks ahead of the UN Climate negotiations, guaranteeing strong international media exposure and attracting over 9,000 high-profile business and political leaders…. Read more »

Winds New Premier League

If you thought Denmark had already won wind power’s world title, it’s time to think again. A host of pretenders are snatching at the crown, in what will become perhaps a more democratic industry with opportunities stretching far and wide. We consider the other nations waiting in the wings… Our globe-trotting journey has to begin… Read more »

The big debate

This issue’s roundtable is a PR special, to reflect the massive impact that the industry has had on boosting wind power’s reach and penetration in recent years. Certainly, there have been challenges along the way, but there have been many, many more successes. We wanted to find out more about the pitfalls and benefits of… Read more »

Energy austerity

While changes to the timing and swiftness of the UK Government’s announcement of its early withdrawal of the Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) is surprising, that it was coming is not. Alan Shanks, Partner at HBJ Gateley gives PES his views on the future of wind farm subsidies. The UK government’s manifesto warned before the election… Read more »

Crossing borders

The theme of this year’s Offshore WIND Conference is “Building an industry without borders”. PES looks at how this year’s annual event will focus attention on how thinking and cooperating beyond international borders can help to break down mental and legislative barriers, and help promote the growth of the industry. According to the International Energy… Read more »

From Hamburg to Husum

From 15 to 18 September, Messe Husum is expecting 600 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors. This makes HUSUM Wind, with its focus on the German-speaking market, this year’s biggest wind industry event anywhere in the world. The hotly-anticipated fair is noted for its high level of practical application. The range of exhibitors covers all areas, from… Read more »

Enter the wind drones

Drones are everywhere today. Just five years ago they used to be only for the military, and cost millions. And now they are for hobbyists and even children. Now the race is on to fill the gap in the middle: startups, corporates and analysts are battling to find the most promising commercial applications for drones…. Read more »

Aiming high

So much wind power is produced in one European country today that it can cover the entire electricity demand. But it’s not just Denmark that sings to the tune of wind energy’s success, it’s the entire continent. Acting EWEA CEO Malgosia Bartosik looks at the remarkable rise of wind power. Right now, wind power plants… Read more »

Capturing offshore wind development from Dublin to Dubai

Alan O’Neill has spent much of the last 34 years in the North Sea, attached to a harness, photographing and filming its developing industry for his collection of 1.5m offshore images. In this illustrated feature, we present a stunning selection of his work. Alan’s job, usually at height, often at night, on overhanging vessels, turbines… Read more »

Change for the better

With organisations in the wind sector keen to enhance their competitiveness, capital growth and expansion, we are seeing an increase in small and mid-size players taking advantage of opportunities to be acquired and move forward. But the potential pitfalls must be carefully navigated to ensure successful change. PES welcomes Paul Arnold of change management experts,… Read more »

Wafer innovation: Fraunhofer CSP develops pioneering module solution

We examine the latest developments from this ground-breaking scientific and research institution as it devlivers solutions for efficient, cost-effective and reliable solar modules. ‘Emerging from the crisis stronger’ is a phenomenon that should also apply to the solar industry. And under this premise, the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaic CSP (CSP) in Halle is carrying… Read more »