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Standards up – costs down

Dr. Til Assmann and Stella Göttel, tells PES about the benefits of using UPDRAFT LS lifting slings. They are strong, precise, lighter, last longer and cost in total, less than traditional lifting slings..

UPDRAFT LS lifting slings provide the strength and precision of heavy wire rope lifting slings at just a fraction of the weight, impress with textile handling characteristics and boast a greater service life. These are clear advantages that contribute to reducing costs – especially in the construction of wind power plants. Vestas saved 8% in costs during wind turbine construction with updaft LS lifting slings.

The wind energy industry is booming – and Vestas is at the forefront of this development. The construction of the giant plants by the industry leader is a logistical process that has been optimised right down to the smallest detail. UPDRAFT LS lifting slings made of Dyneema® play a key role in this respect. The lightweight lifting gear is already fitted ex works and remains on the completely prefabricated nacelle – from its transportation until it has been hoisted onto the tower. The textile lifting sling material inflicts no damage to the nacelle and makes the implementation of heavy adapters superfluous,” explains Gunnar K. Storgaard Pedersen, Specialist Transport and Handling Tools at Vestas Wind Systems. “Construction staff needn’t even leave the nacelle at the end of work to unfasten the slings: that’s done through hatches from the inside making the process significantly safer and faster. The same advantaged these slings cover during the erection of tower; where for special slings are constructed and constantly developed.


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