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Collaborate to accumulate

With a $2bn Kenyan wind farm the testing ground for a deal between US 
& China firms, the recently-launched SEASTAR Alliance and Mitsubishi’s recent link-up with Vestas, we take a closer look at wind’s new power partnerships. Is collaboration a winning model for future growth?

In September this year, China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach) and General Electric Co (GE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on promoting African clean energy projects in Beijing.

The two companies will join hands with the goal of doubling the population having access to electricity to the south of Africa’s Sahara Desert, in support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the “Power Africa” plan of the United States. According to the MOU, Sinomach and GE agree to jointly develop, invest in and finance African clean energy projects. The companies will assist each other in receiving long-term financing from relevant countries and provide development funds if necessary.

In addition, they selected the 102-megawatt Kipeto wind power project in Kenya as a trial model for future cooperation. The signpost of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Africa, Kenya has become a strategic crossroad for China and the United States. African countries have growing requirements for clean energy for their economic development, and in Kenya, electricity is still unavailable to 80 percent of the population.

The country plans to realise a 2,036-megawatt installed capacity from wind power by 2030. Sinomach will offer project contracting for the Kipeto project, which is expected to significantly boost Kenya’s energy supply. GE will provide draught fans, power generators, fittings, technical support and training.


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