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Exporting a Wind Industry

Michael Schulz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Corporate Energies company group, talks to PES about momentum of wind industry developers in emerging markets, the positive ripple effect of the wind industry on the local economy and an aim for close cooperation…

Berlin based Corporate Energies company group has recently accompanied the purchase process of the tradition-steeped Spanish turbine manufacturer MTOI Wind Turbines by a Swiss investment company. The SwissEnergy AG bought the wind turbine technologist and manufacturer to turn it into a high-tech wind industry developer, providing emerging markets with solutions to handle the increased interest in renewable energy sources and to export an industry for the production of wind turbines to places where electricity is in demand.

In the last 30 years wind power has been driven to a level of technological maturity. Today wind turbines deliver proven performance, availability and reliability – creating more value and high annual energy yields for investors and plant operators.

Europe became a leading experience and know-how hub moving from modern fossil fuel to renewable energy sources. Wind energy has become particularly important and plays a significant role in the European power sector. In 2015, the wind industry installed 12.8 GW in the EU – more than gas, coal and nuclear combined. As a result wind energy can meet 15.6 percent of Europe’s electricity demand. The cumulative capacity was 141.5 GW at the end of 2015.


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