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26th EU PVSEC hits Hamburg

For five days in September, the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will bring together experts from science and industry for the biggest PV event of 2011. For many years now, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has combined a renowned international scientific conference with a leading PV industry… Read more »

Hiring green: military veteran recruiting for the wind industry

Having enlisted in the Air Force in 1981, Mark Goldstone finally retired as a Senior Master Sergeant in 2005 after a 24-year career. He quickly found employment in the wind industry, where he quickly discovered the similarities between his former service and his new career. Goldstone has never looked back, and now manages wind farm… Read more »

Equip your company with a clean, green edge

Many organisations can become disconnected in the way in which Energy and Sustainability is managed so that significant environmental and financial benefits can be lost. Here, Allen and York’s Victoria Kenrick presents an in-depth look at the development of the Energy and Sustainability role within North American wind energy organisations. Sustainability has become a mantra… Read more »

Congress plan to cut clean energy spend could bite deep on wind

It was not so long ago that President Obama went to the World Trade Organization with a forthright complaint over the protectionist tactics of the Chinese renewables industry; a grievance which was subsequently vindicated. Great! we all thought. At last an administration is prepared to back our essential industry. But, hold on there – now… Read more »

Upwardly-mobile turbines present increasing transportation challenges

The late economist E F Schumacher (1911- 1977) became something of a hero to the early environmental and ecological movements, not least because of his oft-quoted maxim: small is beautiful. But if that was true back in the 1970s it is nevertheless a rule which is being ignored in the current wind generation industry. If… Read more »

Wind energy roundtable

Here PES presents the latest in our ongoing series of fascinating roundtable discussions, bringing together the leaders of the industry to discuss all the salient issues, including the role of pressure groups, relations with the Chinese, and the future of the industry. ContributorsCarl Levesque, Communications Editor, American Wind Energy Association Dave Lopez, Secretary of The… Read more »

Countdown to a crisis?

How the global crunch on natural resources is threatening to derail Europe’s PV industry There could be trouble brewing for Europe’s PV industry in the wake of a decision over mineral mining, taken in Beijing. The Chinese Government wants to severely restrict the mining of rare metals in the country, and the problem for us… Read more »

What makes the wind industry tick?

Ever since the first windmills were developed by the Persians in the sixth century AD, man has been fascinated by the power of these simple but effective instruments which can do so much to utilise and harness efficiently the powerful natural elements surrounding us … Those comparatively primitive machines were designed to automate the essential… Read more »

Credibility and visibility are key to success for wind marketers

PES is proud to present a pair of exclusive interviews with two leading lights from the industry. First, we speak to Dow Wire & Cable’s Ram Ramachandran, Global Director of End-Use Marketing, about the US-based company’s innovative marketing and publicity strategy; followed by an illuminating conversation with Ian Davidson, Exxon Mobil’s Global Industrial Marketing Manager…. Read more »

Wind: Delivering The Message

As the Managing Director of one of Europe’s top PR agencies for the energy industry, Alastair Turner is responsible for creating buzz, managing crises and building brands. He talks to PES about all the essential issues and offers some indispensable advice for wind executives everywhere. PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you explain a little… Read more »

Economic development opportunities for rural communities in Canada

As the voice of Canada’s wind energy sector, CanWEA actively promotes the responsible and sustainable development of wind energy, and serves as the country’s leading source of credible information about wind energy and its social, economic, and environmental benefits. PES is proud to present this exclusive update from the organisation, which outlines the success of… Read more »

Last word

And so, after many months – if not years – of discussion and debate, it looks as if the US’s quest for offshore wind power will finally become a reality. Naturally, the plans still have a minority of detractors, but the broadest swathe of opinion is shot-through with optimism, hope and positivity… “America needs offshore… Read more »

Global Wind Energy Outlook 2010

The Global Wind Energy Council’s annual Wind Energy Outlook is the wind industry’s most hotly-anticipated report. PES was one of the few media organizations to be granted a preview prior to worldwide publication and we’re able to present you with an exclusive summary of all the essential points. If you only read one report this… Read more »

Offshore ups the ante

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has recently completed a mammoth study that confirms what we all suspected – offshore could be a huge resource for the US. 4,150 gigawatts of potential wind turbine nameplate capacity (maximum turbine capacity) from offshore wind resources are available – four times the nation’s total electric generating capacity from… Read more »

Offshore gets the green light

Many may have thought it would never happen but now finally, after a lengthy delay, the US looks set to realize the benefits of offshore wind power. We may still have a long way to go to catch up with, and indeed to challenge, our European counterparts, but if we act positively now this move… Read more »

Ps: Exclusive Roundtable Now Available!

This issue of PES marks a watershed moment in the evolution of the magazine, with our inaugural roundtable interview. We’ve gathered together some true luminaries from the wind sector, including: * Dr Andrew Garrad, GL Garrad Hassan* Daniel Hope, Global Business Development Manager for Renewable Energy, SGS (Hamburg, Germany)* Kurt E. Thomsen, CEO, Advanced Offshore… Read more »

Wind energy roundtable

PES is proud to present this, our inaugural wind energy roundtable interview, which will become a regular fixture in the magazine. To kick things off, we’re proud to introduce five of the sector’s biggest names, who have debated the issues of the day. Contributors: Dr Andrew Garrad, GL Garrad Hassan Mr. Daniel Hope, Global Business… Read more »

Solar / PV roundtable

PES is proud to present our first roundtable interview, in which the great and good of the solar/PV community debate and discuss the burning issues of the moment. We’re delighted to have secured access to some of the sector’s foremost thinkers, and are sure you’ll be engaged and illuminated by what they’ve got to say…. Read more »

Offshore wind heads for record year

118 new offshore wind turbines were fully connected to the grid in the first half of 2010 according to new statistics released by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). PES takes a closer look at the trends and figures behind the headlines in this exclusive report. Top-line statsIn the first six months of 2010, 118… Read more »

Power stations on the high sea

Words: Birgit Niesing The wind is always more constant at sea than on land – and much stronger. That’s why the wind energy industry is increasingly looking to offshore facilities. The first German wind farm in the North Sea – the ‘alpha ventus’ test and demonstration site – went online just a few months ago…. Read more »

PES essential: EWEA study

In order to fight climate change, improve energy security, enhance Europe’s competitiveness, and maintain our technological leadership, the European wind industry – together with the European Commission and Member States – has developed a 10-year research and development programme. PES brings you the exclusive highlights of this recently-published study. With a €6bn budget, approximately half… Read more »

Fight is on to retain key members of staff as competition increases

Gavin Brown, Reward Information Consultant at global management consultancy Hay Group, tells PES why companies are worried about retaining talent in the renewable energy sector with an increasing number of managers in the renewable energy sector worrying about holding on to their best talent… While other areas in our national economies are battening down the… Read more »

Spanish rendezvous for great and good of PV industry

All eyes in the industry will shortly be on the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition taking place from 6-10 September at the Feria Valencia fairground in Spain. Here PES presents its exclusive preview of the event which could not have come at a more crucial time for the industry. This year’s PV… Read more »

PV Power Shift Will Europes Fit Cuts Play Into Americas Hands

As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once memorably observed: “Everything is in a state of flux.” If a modern-day proof of this axiom were required, we need look no further than the renewable energy industry where it looks like a paradigm shift – involving the US and Europe – is about to take place …… Read more »

Planning for the future: developing wind farms under a coalition government

The UK has just entered into an historic period of coalition government, which promises to throw the nation’s hard-fought wind power policies into disarray. The coalition governments of Germany, Italy and Austria on the other hand, are forging ahead with inspired legislation, which may shine a light on Britain’s efforts. However, until these governments’ pioneering… Read more »

Poland An Overlooked Offshore Resource

The first offshore wind park globally was installed in Denmark in 1991. Since then the offshore wind energy market has been developing slowly. Currently, majority of the installations in Europe are located in Denmark and the UK, countries that possess rich wind resources. There is no doubt that offshore installations offer higher productivity when compared… Read more »

Wind energy world focus moves to small German town

For as long as there has been a global wind industry, Husum, a town on Germany’s North Sea coast between Hamburg and the Danish border, has been the venue for its leading trade fair. Yet Husum was showing the latest developments in wind turbine technology long before the industry went global… Technology, innovation, training, and… Read more »

Last Word

The size of both turbines and wind farms have increased exponentially in recent months thanks to a potent mix of technical improvements, legislation, subsidies and public awareness. Naturally, everyone’s got an opinion on the supersizing of the wind industry… “There is a wonderful race on. It’s very tight and the prize is domination of the… Read more »

Barriers to success

High costs of welcoming Hungary to the fold The time taken to connect wind farms to the grid, and the high costs of doing so, are the main barriers to wind energy development in Hungary, it has been revealed in Budapest at a workshop organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Hungarian… Read more »

New CanWEA Chair aims to close policy gaps

It seems as if America is not the only nation in North America that is crying out for reform. The Canadian wind energy industry needs improved support from governments, utilities, and communities as it moves into the mainstream of country’s energy sector, says the new Chair of CanWEA’s board of directors. Gary Pundsack, Government Relations… Read more »

Technical report: offshore wind grid is the answer

The solution to offshore wind energy obstacles lies in pooling all the power into one common electricity grid, according to researchers at the University of Delaware and Stony Brook University. “We hypothesize that wind power output could be stabilized if wind generators were located in a meteorologically designed configuration and electrically connected,” say the authors… Read more »

Safety issues must never be taken for granted

The potential for serious accidents in the wind industry should never be underestimated. Wind turbines are massive, potentially highly dangerous structures and in an industry that boasts an enviable safety record, it is as important now as ever to ensure that safety remains our watchword. PES looks into what is going on in the industry… Read more »