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Credibility and visibility are key to success for wind marketers

PES is proud to present a pair of exclusive interviews with two leading lights from the industry. First, we speak to Dow Wire & Cable’s Ram Ramachandran, Global Director of End-Use Marketing, about the US-based company’s innovative marketing and publicity strategy; followed by an illuminating conversation with Ian Davidson, Exxon Mobil’s Global Industrial Marketing Manager.

PES: You are responsible for getting the name of the company out there, potentially to a worldwide audience. What stratagems do you employ, and what do you see as being fundamental to the success of your role within the company?
Ram Ramachandran: Success is about credibility and visibility – and the latter is meaningless without the former. Dow Wire & Cable has been serving the power industry for over 60 years and has been responsible for a number of innovations that have helped set the standards the power industry can count on for reliability, longevity, efficiency, ease of installation and protection in the transmission, distribution and consumption of power, voice and data. Those innovations along with our reliable product portfolio, our longevity in the marketplace, demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement and our extensive relationships with cable makers, testing and certification agencies, utilities and other industry influencers have given us credibility.

Visibility is equally as important. There is nothing better than face-to-face contact to achieve that. Nurturing relationships and creating alliances with customers, sitting on the boards of targeted industry groups, having a presence at the right events, reaching out to end users to help them understand how a value proposition impacts the entire supply chain – these all represent the kind of visibility that is essential to success.

This approach also is supported and complemented by a robust branding and communications programme that includes advertising, public relations and digital marketing. Credibility and visibility allow us to make positive contributions to the industry by developing and offering solutions that bring peace of mind to stakeholders.


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