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Wind energy world focus moves to small German town

For as long as there has been a global wind industry, Husum, a town on Germany’s North Sea coast between Hamburg and the Danish border, has been the venue for its leading trade fair. Yet Husum was showing the latest developments in wind turbine technology long before the industry went global…

Technology, innovation, training, and communication HUSUM WindEnergy is still the world’s leading wind energy trade fair. This is pioneer country, where the industry’s founders came together to show their groundbreaking work in a field of energy engineering belittled by the established energy sector and the political powers that be. And while the understanding of the climate situation in parts of the political arena is limited to littering every speech with climate catchphrases, the thinking majority has accepted the need for natural, renewable energy sources. Wind energy may not solve all the world’s problems, but the industry’s continued growth in recent years is certainly proof that it is a viable alternative to our traditional fuel sources.

For anyone wanting to see just how far the technology has developed, HUSUM WindEnergy (21-25 September) is a must. Husum is wind history, and this history has been shaped by the men and women who are still developing landmark technology, and whose companies are still exhibiting at HUSUM WindEnergy.

With 950 exhibitors in 2010, HUSUM WindEnergy should be bigger than ever before, though Hanno Fecke and his team are ensuring that Husum retains its fun side. The wind industry is serious business, but attendees must also have the opportunity to relax a bit. Well aware that you achieve the best results when you are enjoying yourself, the Husum crew have once again prepared a trade fair with the traditional Husum atmosphere. Veterans of previous Husum wind exhibitions will be able to confirm the familiar sight on the last day of the fair, where exhibitors could be seen looking tired but nevertheless very happy – the true sign of a successful trade fair.

The organisers of HUSUM WindEnergy are expecting more than 25,000 visitors from 70 nations, and this year’s fair will also have several country pavilions, including Denmark, USA, Canada, Spain, China, the Netherlands, Poland, UK and Italy. The new state-of-the-art congress centre has been completed, and three additional lightweight halls have been added for the world’s greatest wind show, the fair now offers a total of 43,000 sq m exhibition space, an increase of 12,000 sq m. Also, after successful trials at the last show, new air conditioning systems will be installed throughout the exhibition area.


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