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The importance of QA and diligence in acquisitions

PES is proud to introduce a new regular columnist to the magazine: Christian Holmgaard, CEO and Senior Consultant Project Manager for WTG Partners – a well-respected and well-known Danish consultancy. In this, the first of his missives, he discusses the (manifold) merits of turbine inspections… We see many companies that are looking to invest in… Read more »

Wind farms: certified grid compatibility

The number of wind farms connected to the electricity grid is steadily rising, and proof of grid compatibility is mandatory for grid connection. But what criteria do wind turbines and wind farms have to meet for certification in Germany, for example? PES investigates… Before wind farms can be connected to the German electricity grid, they… Read more »

Connections to steel: non-weld post-paint solutions

Wind energy infrastructure, be it onshore or offshore, relies heavily on the use of steel for most of its key components, whether it be turbines, towers, foundations or transformer stations… the list goes on. As a result there is a significant amount of work required to transform ‘bare’ steel into something able to produce the… Read more »

Delivering offshore electricity to the EU

We return to the pioneering EU funded project, which ran from May 2010 to June this year. coordinated by the European Wind Energy Association, it provides an in-depth analysis of the national and international Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) practices; policy recommendations for developing existing and potentially new MSP for the development of offshore renewable power… Read more »

Bird brained?

A 1.5bn wind farm that could have powered almost 400,000 homes has been rejected by the British government because it might kill 90 small birds a year. Clearly, our avian friends present us with a (costly) problem that is not going away… Over £10m, and three and a half years of planning, have been wasted… Read more »

European wind market set for Chinese offensive, says bank

The European wind turbine manufacturing industry has “little meat left on its bones” and is heading for a “critical” 12 months in 2013, according to international financier Rabobank. In its latest quarterly renewables report, the Dutch bank said that 2012 would be “a defining year in the survival” of major players in the market, such… Read more »

Growth Of Wind Power In The Nordic Region A Look At The Drivers

In this article Vicky Kenrick from international recruitment consultancy, Allen & York, explores the reasons for this surge in potential by examining electricity and turbine prices and the state of the investment market, before concluding with an overview of the job opportunities being created. Wind power is the world’s single fastest-growing source of energy, and… Read more »

Health and Safety special

As our industry matures, H&S is becoming ever more important, which is why we decided to devote our entire roundtable to the sector in this issue. As always, we’ve brought together a roster of some of the finest minds in the industry, and pitched them a selection of challenging questions. Their answers are in equal… Read more »

We need to talk about onshore

Is Europe’s terrestrial wind business in danger of being forgotten? Despite having battled severe economic headwinds, Europe’s offshore wind industry has really picked up the pace this year and substantially increased its market share. According to EWEA, developers connected 132 turbines to the grid in the first half of 2012, and those turbines, which have… Read more »

Husum The Greatest Wind Show On Earth

This September a small town on Germany’s North Sea coast will once again stage what’s billed as the world’s leading wind energy fair. PES will be there of course, and we’re delighted to be able to offer an exclusive preview of the show. Almost a quarter of a century ago, a group of wind turbine… Read more »

Assessing the wind

Stephen Norman, the Met Office’s Senior Wind Energy Consultant, examines recent developments in wind data and assessment, and speaks to PES about how data can be used to a far greater effect on wind energy investments.As the popularity of renewable energy solutions continues to soar worldwide, there are ever increasing numbers of farmers and landowners… Read more »

A pivotal 12 months

Speak to virtually anyone connected to the wind industry in Europe, and they’ll tell you that this year has been perhaps one of the most important that we’ve ever faced. A springboard period for future growth, 2011 was a seminal period, and the highs and lows have all been documented by the European Wind Energy… Read more »

Embracing modernity and an optimistic future view

PES is proud to welcome Professor Patrick Gougeon, Director of the Research Centre for Energy Management and UK Director of ESCP Europe Business School. In this illuminating interview, he discusses the Chinese influence, Europe’s booming market, and much more. PES: With PV farms ‘springing up’ across the world, do you have any concerns that proper… Read more »

Is Solar At The Crossroads

According to the latest figures released by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, PV markets saw record growth in 2011, but the industry faces short-term challenges… PV electricity continued its remarkable growth trend in 2011, even in the midst of a financial and economic crisis and even as the PV industry was enduring a period of… Read more »

Editors Note

I’m writing this dispatch as the news comes in on the wires about the decision made by thin-film PV giant First Solar to walk away from its German factories and “indefinitely idle” four of its 24 production lines. To put it bluntly, the blood is continuing to spill across the European solar sector. First Solar’s… Read more »

Winfried Hoffmann takes the reins

Dr. Winfried Hoffmann has become the new President of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA). He takes over the position after having been elected as EPIA’s new Vice-President, and after Vice-Presidents Boris Klebensberger and Virgilio Navarro Sanchez-Sicilia declined the presidency. Additionally, Jerry Stokes has been elected to fill a vacant seat as a Director on… Read more »

Turning up the heat on solar

James Pipe, Head of Renewables and Sustainability, Spencer Ogden The solar power industry has enjoyed a prolonged period of buoyancy in recent years. In January this year, a report by PwC confirmed that the global value of renewable technology deals rose by 40% in 2011 and that a third of these were in the solar… Read more »

Where is the next tractor coming from?

Andrew Jones, Managing Director of S&C At the helm of a company enjoying its centenary, Andrew Jones considers the pace of innovation in our sector, particularly in relation to the grid and storage, and looks to the next 100 years… Looking back over the last century, there are of course massive differences in the world… Read more »

The big debate

It’s back and bigger than ever. The most talked-about feature in PES returns once again, with a fresh selection of questions for the industry’s most incisive and intelligent commentators. Their answers may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide. Contributors Priscilla HallPartner, Clarke Willmott Gregory SpanoudakisPresident… Read more »

Fragile market: a year of living dangerously

On the back of the latest round of Feed-in Tariff cuts, we take a look at the continent’s complex relationship with subsidies and consider if the industry can survive without governmental assistance – and where we can all find hope… The last 12 months could well be described as solar’s year of living dangerously. Our… Read more »

The surprise impact of America Invents Act on wind companies’ return on investment for patent expenditures

For the first time in 60 years Congress has passed sweeping patent reform legislation, the America Invents Act (AIA). Enacted in September 16, 2011 and being phased in through March 16, 2013, the AIA introduces a number of significant reforms impacting all aspects of patent procurement and patent enforcement. The purpose of the AIA is… Read more »

Flight time

Despite the clear benefits of wind power, there will always be obstacles to overcome, particularly given the often difficult environments developers have to work in, the issues around tariffs and investment concerns during times of austerity. However, innovators around the world are engineering solutions that might literally rise above these challenges. Dr. Corwin Hardham of… Read more »

Editors Note

At the time of writing, the PES team and I are packing our bags in readiness for our trip to Atlanta, or to be more specific: to WINDPOWER 2012. The AWEA show is the focal point for wind professionals to network with and learn from industry leaders and experts, and to discover the latest in… Read more »

2025 vision

A recently published report by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has shed light on just how vast the potential for wind energy is in British Columbia, and what is required to tap into this vast resource. PES gives you some of the highlights from the report and looks at the energy future for BC…… Read more »

Sound thinking

For any wind energy developer, the issue of impacts on local population is one that must not be taken lightly. A new study published via the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been conducted to look at the potential adverse benefits of wind farm developments on local populations. PES takes a look at the report’s findings… The… Read more »

Energys Sustainable Future

PES takes a look at a special US energy report highlighting the potential benefits of taking a more pro-active step towards renewable, and particularly wind, technologies. From job creation to pollution and health, the study digs deep into this controversial subject and asks what the future holds for the US power industry. The Civil Society… Read more »

Industry Insider

A well-known figure within the sector, Mita-Teknik’s Jean Steen Felber is the first of our Insider interviewees. Here, he gives us an exclusive account of the Danish company and its future ambitions, as well as outlining his own background and goals. PES: Welcome to PES magazine, can you firstly explain a little about your role,… Read more »

Last word

In recent years, the North American wind industry has been somewhat isolated and – dare we say it – a pace behind regions such as Europe. However, this has all now changed, and last year marked a watershed year that catapulted the continent right into the heart of the industry. There have been ups, there… Read more »

The recovery starts here

With investments set to total $145 BILLION by 2017, our domestic industry has just been catapulted into the global big league. We investigate the cash windfall, examine which sectors and ancillary industries will benefit most, and ask if it can even kick-start the entire economy…? While the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the recession had… Read more »

Midwestern meeting

Transmission is hot topic at wind seminar The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) recently kicked off its Wind Power Transmission Seminar in Indianapolis, Ind. at the hub of one of America’s fastest growing states for wind power. Indiana increased its installed wind power tenfold over the past two years. Meanwhile, wind manufacturing is powering as… Read more »

The big debate

Once again, we’ve invited a selection of the continent’s leading wind power ambassadors to debate the issues of the day at length. Their answers may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide. Contributors David AhlerNational Sales Manager, Semikron Blair LoftisVice President, global director – renewable energy,… Read more »

Last word

Interesting. That’s one word we could use to describe the industry in the last few months – booming in one regard, yet plummeting in another. And to get a good idea of what’s going on, you’d have to speak to a wide range of experts from a broad array of sectors… just like we’ve done… Read more »

Wind powers growth in European jobs

As the credit crunch in Europe morphs into a sovereign debt crisis and on to full-blown currency crisis, it is easy to believe that the continent is something of a black hole when it comes to employment opportunities. But it’s not all doom and gloom and there’s life in the European jobs market in the… Read more »

20/20 vision for offshore

With strong long term growth forecasted, PES takes a look at what the next 20 years holds for offshore, and the future requirements of an industry on the up. Between 2020 and 2030 a further 110 GW of offshore wind capacity is expected to be added in European waters. 150 GW of wind power would… Read more »

Energy Roadmap 2050 An Insiders Guide

The initial draft of the European Commission working paper is finally here, having been recently ratified in Brussels. And while the finer points that are to be rolled-out are yet to be determined (following the Copenhagen and Cancun meetings), the broad brushstrokes are in place. Here we present an exclusive Q&A from the Commission’s Ad… Read more »