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The big debate

Once again, we’ve invited a selection of the continent’s leading wind power ambassadors to debate the issues of the day at length. Their answers may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide.


David Ahler
National Sales Manager, Semikron

Blair Loftis
Vice President, global director – renewable energy, Kleinfelder

Tad Cooper
Executive Vice President, Acterra Group, Inc.

Patrick Doyle
Vice President, Development, Ridgeline Energy

Aaron Shupien
Renewables Manager, Energy Business Unit, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

Anne Mudge
Partner at Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP

PES: Let’s begin by taking a look at 2012. What are your thoughts about the rest of the year with regard to your organisation, and the wind industry in general?


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