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Editors Note

When PES was first established, it was done so in tandem with the Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 campaign. That particular milestone has come and gone, and earlier this year we achieved yet another legislative landmark. In January, the EU achieved its 2010 renewable electricity target of 21% of electricity (according to the EU’s 2001 Renewable… Read more »

Trade off

Committee moves to protect emissions trading The European Parliament has sent a strong signal that the price of carbon emissions must be raised by fixing the Emissions Trading System (ETS) – one of the EU’s key laws on climate change. The Parliament’s Environment Committee voted in favour of withholding carbon allowances in the ETS –… Read more »

The New Power Mix In Germany What Does It Mean For The Rest Of Europe

Some say the world’s second biggest exporter is undergoing a crisis of confidence with regards to renewables – and particularly, wind energy. Nigel Blackaby, Chairman of the Advisory Board, POWER-GEN Europe 2012 takes a look at the ramifications for the rest of the continent. In the wake of Fukushima disaster, energy experts now agree that… Read more »

Window of opportunity in Scotland

Kirsty Macpherson and Hazel Tait of Gillespie Macandrew The proposed reform of the Electricity Market, allied to the time required to advance developments through the Scottish legal system, means that there is a five year countdown under way for developers to take advantage of the current incentive scheme in one of Europe’s leading locations for… Read more »

Wind power roundtable

It’s back and bigger than ever. The most talked-about feature in Power and Energy Solutions returns, with a fresh selection of questions for the industry’s most incisive and intelligent commentators. Their answers may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide. Contributors Mary CzulowskiBusiness Development Direct, West… Read more »

Birth of a new wind superpower

With a 10 billion euro offshore project now underway, France has emerged as a surprise contender for the continent’s wind energy elite. We chart the rise and rise of the country’s power ambitions. The new wind farms, which will comprise some 1,200 turbines, spread over five sites off the north and west coast of France,… Read more »

Innovating today, shaping tomorrow

The EWEA Annual Event – Europe’s premier wind energy event – will showcase the latest innovations in the wind energy industry with an extensive exhibition, a high-quality conference programme, expert speakers and unrivalled networking opportunities. In short, it’s a must for the international wind energy community. Focusing on innovationPromoting continued innovation in the wind power… Read more »

EU climate policy: a moving target?

PES takes a look at the recently-published EWEA report on EU climate policy, and examines the potential for wind power to drastically reduce emissions by setting greater targets. BackgroundWind energy production does not emit any greenhouse gases (GHG), unlike coal, gas and oil. Because of the way the electricity market operates – using marginal costs… Read more »

Priorities For 2020 And Beyond An Ec Blueprint For An Integrated European Energy Network

Europe’s energy infrastructure must be updated and better connected, for it “pays the price for its outdated and poorly interconnected energy infrastructure,” admitted the European Commission recently. In this exclusive report, we look at the plans to build an integrated European energy network, and discuss the potential obstacles. Let us begin with the words of… Read more »

The big debate

The most talked-about feature in PES Wind returns, with a fresh selection of questions for the industry’s most incisive and intelligent commentators. Their answers may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide. PES: Over the next five years, what increases in the efficiency of wind turbines… Read more »

Getting the consumer onside

In this article, Jim Hayward and David Wing of Baringa Partners share their thoughts on what European suppliers must learn from consumer psychology (and history) to ensure smart meter rollouts succeed. The date is July 15th 1979 and at the White House in Washington DC President Jimmy Carter has just completed an historic televised address… Read more »

EWEA OFFSHORE 2011 blows in to Amsterdam

A reflection of the industry itself; this year’s event has doubled in size since 2009, ensuring that EWEA OFFSHORE 2011 will be the biggest conference of its kind in the world. The offshore wind energy sector, despite the economic crisis blowing around it, remains decisively strong: In 2010 some 308 new offshore wind turbines, worth… Read more »

D-Day for European siting issues

Any planned development that potentially affects a site of historical significance will always stir up controversy, but will a large-scale wind farm proposal off the northern coast of France – visible from the D-Day landing beaches – have further reaching implications for an industry already struggling with public concern over its effect on the local… Read more »

Editors Note

As we’ve found over the years, controversy is never very far away in this industry. Despite the great many economic and environmental benefits wind energy offers, the scale and nature of both land and offshore developments are frequently the subject of protest. Our industry has done much to improve cooperation with communities, and takes care… Read more »

Climbing to the top

Engineering knowledge and innovation are crucial in meeting the challenges of wind farm development, and meeting them safely. Hailo’s Managing Director, Winfried Czilwa, speaks to PES about how the company has gone from pioneer to being Europe’s largest climbing equipment manufacturer. PES: Welcome back to PES magazine. How has business been since we last spoke?… Read more »

Into the eye of the storm?

Unexploded bombs littering European coastal waters provide a dangerous new challenge for wind farm developers. PES examines all the issues surrounding this potentially explosive situation. The seas around Europe have been martially contested for hundreds of years and such warfare, in particular the Second World War, has left a potentially lethal legacy of unexploded devices… Read more »

Last Word

Despite the continued concerns over the visual impact of offshore wind farms, France is still pressing ahead with its ambitious plans for investment in wind energy; controversially proposing sites offshore of the D-Day landing sites. Elsewhere, 2020 renewable energy targets are looking easier for some than others, and new targets for the following decades are… Read more »

New era for EU biodiversity policy

With the number of European wind farms set to grow, a new EU strategy outlines how these installations can operate in economic and environmental harmony. PES presents all the salient points. The rapid expansion of wind farm installations in the coming years will bring many benefits to society, not least in reducing greenhouse gases. In… Read more »

A comparative analysis of Maritime Spatial Planning in Europe

The EU’s SEANERGY 2020 project has an overall aim to provide policy, regulatory and planning conditions recommendations that can reduce barriers to the growth of offshore power generation from marine renewable sources. Here we present an extracted comparison of the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) regimes in 17 EU Member States in relation to offshore renewable… Read more »

Keeping an eye on hydraulics

Shaun Skilton, Product Sales Manager for the HFDE Condition Monitoring Business Unit of Parker Hannifin, highlights the importance of effective hydraulic system maintenance to ensure long term reliability in installed turbines. As increasing numbers of wind turbines move out of their manufacturers’ warranty period, more and more maintenance contractors will be required to provide independent… Read more »

managing risk on a maiden voyage

Dr. Isabel Boira-Segarra, Sector Leader for Renewables Europe at EC Harris explains how those at the forefront of wind energy technology will reap the rewards for the risks they take. With some countries across Europe questioning nuclear power in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, there is growing momentum for renewable energy sources to play… Read more »

Editors note

Recently, published figures show that the wind energy industry is bouncing back from a disappointing 2010. The first half of this year shows a 72 per cent increase in generating capacity compared to the same time last year. However the grim, if not predictable spectre of the Production Tax Credit renewal is looming, and could… Read more »

Last word

After a relatively slow year in 2010, figures for the first half of this year show wind energy returning to growth. Strong political support from both parties, as well as increasing awareness within communities of the economic benefits of wind power developments, will hopefully make 2011 a strong year for wind energy. However, the impending… Read more »

Wind rebounds in Q2

US wind energy continued to rebound in the second quarter of 2011, with 2,151 megawatts (MW) of electrical generating capacity installed in the first half of 2011 versus 1,250 MW during the same time in 2010, up 72 percent. However, analysts at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) cautioned that without stable policy such as… Read more »

Ensuring long-term industry growth

It seems incredible, but the DOE’s Wind Program has now worked with industry and other partners for more than 30 years to advance both large and small wind energy technologies. PES takes a look at how the sector can grow yet further, to secure a larger market in the face of increased renewables competition. For… Read more »

Wind technologies market report

The Department of Energy’s annual market report is hotly anticipated, filled as it is with all the sector’s essential data from the last 12 months. We’re pleased to be able to offer a critical overview of all the salient points from this recently-published whitepaper. The US wind power industry experienced a trying year in 2010,… Read more »

All eyes are on offshore

Offshore wind energy can help the nation reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, diversify its energy supply, provide cost-competitive electricity to key coastal regions, and stimulate revitalization of key sectors of the economy. However, if the nation is to realize these benefits, key challenges to the development and deployment of offshore wind technology must be overcome,… Read more »

Ontarios Wind Industry Fuels Economic Boom

The wind energy sector in Ontario will generate a significant amount of both electricity and economic activity over the course of 2011 through 2018. Specifically, during this timeframe, the sector is expected to: install over 5.6 GW of wind energy capacity, bringing Ontario’s total wind energy capacity to 7.1 GW by 2018; create 80,328 job… Read more »

Process and device modelling for enhancement of silicon solar cell efficiency

In the PV sector, it pays to keep on top of all the latest technological developments, which is why PES has always published a wide range of whitepapers and research materials. We’re committed to continuing this with the introduction of a new, regular feature: Tech Dissemination. This issue discusses the improvements made possible by modelling…. Read more »

A cloudy future for PV?

Could Europe’s solar dream be derailed by something as elemental as… the weather? Some believe, following some of the harshest winter weather on record, that the Earth is entering a sustained period of low temperatures. If true, what effect will the gathering clouds have for PV? PES investigates… In 2010, northern Europe suffered its coldest… Read more »

Market Outlook 2015

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association’s annual report on the global market outlook for photovoltaics is always a welcome addition to PES, and this year is no different. As always, we’ve extracted the most important points covering the evolution of the European market, for a fascinating and essential briefing. A doubling of the market in 2010… Read more »

Last Word

Despite growing concerns over Feed-in Tariffs, and worries within the industry of a market slow-down over the next couple of years, PES finds it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, business is booming… “All over Northern Germany we see such public participation projects come into blossom. PV power plants of this size contribute to… Read more »

Solar/PV roundtable

The most talked-about feature in PES returns, with a fresh selection of questions for the industry’s most incisive and intelligent commentators. Their approaches may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide. PES: Do you think we will see a time when energy produced by solar/PV becomes… Read more »

Why Europe should say no to nuclear

Prior to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, many of Europe’s Member States were moving towards a new nuclear age – at the expense of PV and other renewable energies. But now? Well, we’re in a state of flux, and Lee Summers, Director of EOS Energy – the UK’s fastest-growing solar installer, believes that it’s time to… Read more »

Powering on in business

In the last issue of PES we met Adrian Pike, CEO of newly-launched company Anesco, which has rapidly become one of the leading players within the solar sector – backed by a £6 million investment, the firm has already managed some of the largest solar schemes in the UK. In part two of this dispatch… Read more »

26th EU PVSEC hits Hamburg

For five days in September, the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will bring together experts from science and industry for the biggest PV event of 2011. For many years now, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has combined a renowned international scientific conference with a leading PV industry… Read more »