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Last Word

The size of both turbines and wind farms have increased exponentially in recent months thanks to a potent mix of technical improvements, legislation, subsidies and public awareness. Naturally, everyone’s got an opinion on the supersizing of the wind industry…

“There is a wonderful race on. It’s very tight and the prize is domination of the global offshore wind energy market.”
Feargal Brennan, head of offshore engineering at Cranfield University, where much of the development work has been carried out on Aerogenerator

“Lower wind-speed turbines certainly open up more land for development… Larger turbines open up the opportunity to get more megawatts out of a given piece of land.”
Rich Reno, Platform Leader for General Electric’s new 2.5-megawatt wind turbine

“I think 70 meters was a pretty big rotor 10 years ago. Today 110 is out there. Can they grow another 30 meters in 10 years? I think it is possible.”
Rich Reno

“The UK has come late to the race, but with 40 years of oil and gas experience we have the chance to lead the world. The new [Aero-generator] turbine is based on semi-submersible oil platform technology and does not have the same weight constraints as a normal wind turbine. The radical new design is half the height of an equivalent [conventional] turbine.”
Feargal Brennan

“Today marks an exciting and important milestone in achieving the Britannia Project blade requirements. Over the next few years, with the development of the Britannia turbine, the UK will benefit through the supply of electricity based on its abundant offshore wind energy resource, and also with economic activity related to turbine manufacturing, offshore installation, and long term operations and servicing. The offshore wind market is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting sectors in the global renewable energy industry.”
James G.P. Dehlsen, Chairman of Clipper

“Enova’s support can help bring Norwegian technology to the global forefront when it comes to wind turbines that float or rest on the seabed. Funding will enable us to maintain the necessary rapid progression, as well as lay the foundation for total project financing.”
Eystein Borgen, Managing Director and founder of the goliath SWAY programme


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