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Ps: Exclusive Roundtable Now Available!

This issue of PES marks a watershed moment in the evolution of the magazine, with our inaugural roundtable interview. We’ve gathered together some true luminaries from the wind sector, including:

* Dr Andrew Garrad, GL Garrad Hassan
* Daniel Hope, Global Business Development Manager for Renewable Energy, SGS (Hamburg, Germany)
* Kurt E. Thomsen, CEO, Advanced Offshore Solutions Aps
* Bruce Hamilton, Director, Energy, Navigant Consulting, Inc., (US)
* Bruce Douglas, COO, EWEA

Naturally, with five such distinguished guests, we took the opportunity to press them on a range of topics from all corners of the wind industry.

Our questions encompassed the hypothetical: Let’s say that tomorrow a new oil field is discovered that will provide us with ample fuel for the next 100 years. Will all the efforts into renewables go to waste?; to the practical: What are the obstacles to the development of wind energy? – and the breadth of answers was truly astonishing and illuminating.

To get the inside-edge on what our guests had to say, pick up your free copy of PES at HUSUM, or head to www.pes.eu.com for an exclusive online preview.