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Solar and smart!

It’s that time again, Intersolar Europe, is on the horizon. What’s new this year? Read and and find out.

Renewable energies are in vogue.
While this brings new opportunities and prospects, it also creates new challenges in terms of energy management and storage. This is why Intersolar Europe 2016 will be focusing on smart renewable energy. Over 1,000 exhibitors are set to present their innovative products and solutions for renewable energies, grid integration, energy storage, intelligent energy consumption and management.

The energy market is in a state of transition: In the future, large-scale, centralized nuclear and fossil fuel power stations that supply consumers with energy will be replaced by millions of decentralized renewable energy plants and consumers 
as the major players in the energy market. Intersolar Europe 2016, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, will be paying particular attention to smart renewable energy from June 22-24.

Smart grids for more flexibility in energy generation and storage
In the future, private homes and utility grids, communication devices, building services systems and even entire power grids will be connected via smart grids. This is where innovative energy storage systems ensure flexibility and stabilize grids, creating a balance between energy demand and generation by storing excess electricity and making it available when needed.


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