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Winner takes all

In 2015, three different companies (and counting) have announced record-breaking cell efficiencies. R&D departments are locked in a pitched battle to produce the ultimate solar cell in order to dominate the PV landscape. We take a look at the state of play – and what exactly is up for grabs. Our story begins on 24… Read more »

Putting investment to the test

Solar energy is key to the UK’s energy future but solar farms also need to pass a “high quality” test demanded by investors, banks and funds. What are the key legal questions investors and funders need to consider when investing in UK solar? The rate of deployment of ground-mounted solar in the UK has been… Read more »

UK leads the way

The UK is currently Europe’s largest solar market, with capacity at the end of March standing at just over 5.7GW. This has all been achieved against the backdrop of a changing and challenging regulatory environment. Alessandro Ceschiat of SunEdison Europe discusses how the industry can build on this remarkable achievement. During one day in June,… Read more »

A platform for innovation

This year’s European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2015) will be taking place in mid-September at the Congress Center (CCH) in Hamburg, Germany. PV experts will meet to discuss new concepts, trends and developments in science and industry, as photovoltaic solar energy becomes a major electricity source on the world stage. We… Read more »

If Its Happening In Solar

…it’s happening at Solar Power International. SPI, ranked as the largest solar trade show in North America, will be held during September 2015 in California, USA. Offering 100+ educational offerings – including learning opportunities right on the show floor – to the hundreds of exhibitors in the expo hall, and showcasing new products and technology,… Read more »

The age of innovation

As the offshore industry matures, innovation is being increasingly employed in an effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency. When it comes to building turbines, bigger isn’t necessarily better – sometimes the smarter design decisions pay the biggest dividends.The design of offshore wind turbines is one of the most fascinating challenges in renewable energy. Meeting… Read more »

Nurturing a growing wind industry

America’s National Wind Technology Center has grown from a site for testing small turbines into the nation’s premier research facility for wind energy technologies, helping the wind industry grow with it. We take a look at its past – and its future. On the plains south of Boulder, Colorado, nestled against the foothills, is the… Read more »

Consumer priorities crucial to broker electric vehicle transition

Electric vehicles have the potential to revolutionise how electricity is consumed, says David Porter, POWER-GEN Europe Advisory Board Member and a Senior Advisor to the London energy team of Navigant. But, he argues, the engineering challenges should be seen alongside the social and economic considerations. Electric vehicles are an exciting prospect. With smart grids, they… Read more »

Its Time To Target Sustainable Growth

An integrated industry-led approach is the only way to help politicians find the Promised Land of maximising Europe’s renewable energy potential, argues Lloyd’s List’s Global Maritime Lawyer of the Year. As the dust is settling following the British General Election there has never been a more important time for politicians to demonstrate leadership in the… Read more »

Renewable energy generates sustainable careers

Allan takes an up-to-date look at the state of wind’s employment market and offers his personal take on how long-lasting improvements can be made. With world focus on the well-being of the earth and its environment, a tidal wave of interest – and more importantly, investment– is pouring into energy initiatives. Among the sources of… Read more »

Youve Tried The Rest Now Try The Best

Now in its 14th year, RenewableUK Global Offshore Wind 2015 is the heart of the world’s largest offshore wind market; alive with original ideas, unexplored opportunities, new challenges and, most importantly, a common aspiration of a brighter future powered by renewable energy. Aparna Chopde talks us through what delegates can expect from this essential event…. Read more »

Implementing agreement on photovoltaic power systems

Earlier this year, the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power System Programme (IEA PVPS) published a new report on the “Analysis of Long-Term Performance of PV Systems. This is the fourth of five critical reports, which are designed to establish a landmark in PV Performance and Reliability assessment, and build on the reputation of independence and… Read more »

Financing: the final frontier?

With three major new initiatives in progress in Europe alone, the industry is committed to removing PV’s last barrier: funding. We look at the efforts being made to help solar’s sums add up – including an ingenious crowd-funding initiative… Just this month it was revealed that Chinese solar companies, some already heavily indebted by massive… Read more »

Introducing spherical solar power

The use of a clear “ball lens” to concentrate light into a beam of energy may improve solar power efficiency by up to 50 percent, believes a PV pioneer. Plus, we take a look at some other solar innovations that may transform our industry. Over six years ago, futurist Ray Kurzweil stated that, within 20… Read more »

The big debate

The solar industry is constantly evolving and new ideas and innovations are a welcome source of change and regneration. We asked five pioneers in the field – from five diverging sectors – to give us their views on where the industry is headed and how they are helping to encourage the evolution of an industry…. Read more »

Funding Options That Help Your Business To Meet Its Green Goals

While we’re all committed to furthering solar’s growth,it’s worth remembering that many UK-based businesses can also capitalise on the technology through financing options. Ryan Davis looks at the best financing schemes available for businesses considering purchasing microgen technologies, arguing that they can prove to be an excellent investment opportunity. Issues surrounding the environment and energy… Read more »

Bridging the gap between aspirations and execution

Change management is a rapidly-growing discipline that enables individuals, teams, and organisations to transition to a desired future state. David Ferrabee talks us through the benefits of transformation at an organisational level. The rapidly shifting renewable energy sector brings with it disruption as well as huge potential opportunities. Those organisations which are agile and able… Read more »

A tale of two cities

With both Intersolar Europe and Intersolar North America on the agenda for thousands of PV executives this year, we’re delighted to present a preview of both of the essential shows. Where will you be heading this summer – Munich or San Francisco? MunichThe solar industry will take centre stage at Messe München from June 10-12,… Read more »

Time Out Is This The End Of Americas Offshore Dream

With the Cape Wind project in peril, we ask if the country’s faltering sector can ever flourish (and what lessons can be learned from Europe’s flourishing market). It was recently announced that the developer of Cape Wind has terminated contracts to buy land and facilities in Falmouth and Rhode Island, the latest sign that the… Read more »

The big debate

We’re delighted to present a special legal roundtable in this issue. As most of us in the sector will be aware, the legal industry’s influence has become particularly focussed on wind energy in recent years and we were keen to present a platform to the growing ranks of expert legal minds. Let the questioning commence!… Read more »

Managing the UXO threat for offshore wind

Two world wars and years of munitions dumping have 
left behind a unique and substantial risk legacy on the European seabed. For developers in Europe seeking to build offshore energy infrastructure projects, negotiating the obstacle of thousands of tonnes of unexploded ordnance (UXO) has posed a considerable and often unanticipated challenge. High-profile contractor disputes and… Read more »

Economics of wind: a case study

Providing affordable power for both domestic and business consumers has always been a key objective but has become even more important since the global financial crisis of 2008. We take a look at a Royal Academy of Engineering report that puts the UK’s wind commitment under the financial spotlight. The cost of wind energy is… Read more »

The employment and growth effects of sustainable energies in the European Union

The Commission Communication “Renewable Energy: a major player in the European energy market” clearly states the objectives for European energy policy: combating climate change, limiting the EU’s vulnerability to imported hydrocarbons, and promoting growth and jobs. But are we on target? We take a look at the EU’s final progress report. The Energy Roadmap 2050… Read more »

Future Wind Attracting Investment To Build Tomorrows Electricity Sector

The transition towards a lower-carbon electricity system initiated by OECD countries is proving to be a challenging exercise. The World Economic Forum has established the Future of Electricity platform to help countries, companies and societies learn and reflect as they undergo this transformation: a space for fact-based, yet informal dialogue on the transition to a… Read more »

Smart thinking drives smart growth

Mike argues the case for ‘intrapreneurship’ in the quest for a more successful wind industry that is fuelled by innovation. One of the great truths organisations in all industry sectors are starting to recognise is that on its own, there is effectively no such thing as a growth industry. Instead there are only companies organised… Read more »

In It For The Long Run

With oil prices going down and Power Purchase Agreements being influenced, it is now more important than ever to minimise downtime and secure the operation of wind farms in order to stay profitable and ensure continuity in operation. We are delighted to welcome back industry expert, Christian Holmgaard of WTG Partners, with his take on… Read more »

Offshore is on course

The offshore wind industry is transitioning from early development to demonstration of commercial viability. Worldwide, there are an increasing number of commercial-scale projects in operation, while in the US there are concrete plans afoot to follow the lead of Europe and elsewhere. We take a look at the Department of Energy’s very latest market assessment…. Read more »

Europe: a winning attitude to offshore policy support

The high cost of energy produced by offshore wind is the major contributing factor to the lack of cost competitiveness in certain world markets such as North America. Europe, however, has embraced a positive approach to subsidies, which has fostered an energetic market. We put the leading countries under the spotlight. The main driver of… Read more »

The big debate

The wind industry is constantly evolving and new ideas and innovations are a welcome source of change and regeneration. We asked five pioneers in the field – from five diverging sectors – to give us their views on where we’re headed and how they are helping to encourage the evolution of an industry. Once again,… Read more »

New climate economy

The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change was published in 2006 by Nicholas Stern, and swiftly became a game-changer for the wind industry. Will the economist’s latest report – published by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate just a few days ago – have the same impact? We pick over the… Read more »

Derisking The Entrepreneur

Words: Simon Middleton of Watershed Entrepreneurs Can wind fuel a new breed of successful businesses? And is adequate funding available to start-ups? Simon answers the questions (and more). Of the 1,640 plus members of the Forbes Billionaires list, 31 are under the age of 40. With all the media attention these young billionaires have received… Read more »

US market provides a breath of fresh air

Words: , Chief Executive Officer at Tekmar It is an exciting time to be working in the renewables industry. To be operating at the forefront of a rapidly developing sector is providing opportunities to shape and secure the energy supply for years to come, ensuring the lights remain on for us and generations to come.Developers… Read more »

In search of solid foundations

Across the globe, governments are changing their policies to accommodate offshore wind energy deployment. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, market growth over the next five years will be concentrated in Asia, Latin America, and Africa – regions where ‘easy’ growth from rapidly increasing demand will come from. We take a look at the… Read more »

Energising the growing Japanese wind market

With a new government subsidy and an increasing number of certified ongoing/future projects, Japan’s wind energy industry seems to be showing positive growth. To further facilitate the expansion, Reed Exhibitions Japan will be holding WIND EXPO 2015 – Int’l Wind Energy Expo & Conference for the third time, to serve as a platform for professionals… Read more »

Distributed wind: market report

The use of wind power either at or near where it is generated – as opposed to energy from wholesale generation – is growing at a phenomenal rate, particularly in North America. We take a look at the latest figures. In the last 12 months, 30.4 megawatts (MW) of new distributed wind capacity was added,… Read more »