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Solar comes of age

As photovoltaics emerge as the leading generation source of the future, with installations topping wind for the first time in 2016, the underlying production machine has reached maturity. While relatively recently, in the early 2010’s, uncertainty remained around the prospects of competing photovoltaic technologies. Thin-film companies championed CIGS and CdTe as the materials of choice… Read more »

Intersolar North America

Celebrating its 10–year anniversary, Intersolar North America will once again be the first major solar event of the year. It takes place July 11-13 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and is co-located with ees North America and SEMICON West. These combined events bring together professionals from the solar, energy storage and semiconductor industries… Read more »

Intersolar Europe

PES brings you previews to the Intersolar shows, kicking off with the Intersolar Europe and followed closely by Intersolar US. These shows reflect the expansion of solar energy across the globe and bring you the latest technology, innovation and a chance to meet the regular players in the market and new ones. Prepare to be… Read more »

New standards in solar radiation measurement

Driven by the accuracy requirements of the solar renewable energy industry, solar radiation measurement reaches the next level. Sensor technology is improving, user access to calibration is getting easier, practices for instrument maintenance and measurement uncertainty evaluation are now being standardised. Hukseflux Thermal Sensors, a technology leader in this field, is actively involved. The weakest… Read more »

The Science and Economics of Repowering

New multi-megawatt solar installations are growing rapidly, which is great news for the environment and the economy. With that growth comes falling prices, both for power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar gear including PV modules, inverters and other equipment. But what about the people reading this article who got into large scale solar earlier in… Read more »

A leading light for offshore safety

PES invited award-winning Scottish technology company PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL) to give us an insight in to their suite of new products, produced in response to industry led requests to find practicable, cost-effective solutions in a variety of sectors where safety of life is paramount. The company, in collaboration with a number of key technology partners,… Read more »

UK wind red tape planning headache

Words: Gerry Lalonde, CEO, Orenda Energy Solutions. Planning consent is still grey area for the small/medium wind turbine market and it is about time we had consistency and predictability rather than disparate decision making that often blights and inhibits progress across the UK. It has been known for years that planning authorities decision making varies… Read more »

Clean energy on India’s horizon

In February 2015, the Indian government announced its plans to almost quadruple its renewable power capacity to 175 GW by 2022 as part of the plan to supply electricity to every household in the country. This includes 60 GW from wind energy. Further, India made a commitment at COP21 to raise the share of non-fossil-fuel… Read more »

Hydraulics go Dutch offshore

The world of high-pressure hydraulics is constantly in motion. Within this dynamic the Dutch hydraulics specialist Holmatro is continuously developing high-quality solutions for industrial applications. After more than 50 years’ experience as a supplier to the shipbuilding and oil & gas industries, Holmatro developed the first TP levelling set in 2009, used in the construction… Read more »


The American Wind Energy Association is heading back to the U.S. which has championed the wind energy industry for decades for WINDPOWER®. PES brings you the latest information on this unmissable event. If you are invested in U.S. wind energy or looking to enter the market, AWEA WINDPOWER 2017 Conference & Exhibition is the place… Read more »

Skilled manoeuvers

The renewables market, particularly wind, is a key sector for ALE. Building on experience in the power sector, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop smarter solutions to the challenges created by the increasing heights of wind turbines and associated components. In relation to the on-shore wind enery market, ALE offers a bespoke… Read more »

The co-operative wind turbine

A new innovative approach to windfarms could, at last, make them more popular and community friendly. Bringing the benefits and the profits home to local communities. Daniel Dubbelhuis, Account Manager Netherlands at Lagerwey tells us how. Large multi megawatt parks in concentrated areas developed by and for the local community, anonymous big developers – ensure… Read more »

A bird’s eye view

The latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology allows swift, thorough inspections to assess turbines. Drones can be used either as part of routine reporting or for detailed inspections in preparations for rope access teams. This has many significant health and safety benefits for the technical teams in terms of assuring all anchor points are secure and preparing in… Read more »

Financing for wind farms: making consistent use of empirical values

Words: Thomas Arnold and Thomas Zirngibl, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH The recently revised TR6 Technical Guideline of the German Public Association of the Renewable Energy Sector (Fördergesellschaft Windenergie (FGW)) is designed to ensure the provision of reliable yield forecasts. Wind reports based on the Guideline play a critical role for producing reliable estimates of… Read more »

Onshore wind is a huge success in Scotland

Words: Lindsay Roberts, Senior Policy Manager, Scottish Renewables Renewable energy is now our largest source of power and with over 5.5GW installed onshore, wind provides the lion’s share of that capacity. Can the Scottish and UK Governments work with industry and regulators to remove a series of barriers as suggested in a report by Everoze… Read more »

Intertidal cable installations

The Race Bank Wind farm is being constructed by DONG Energy approximately 27 kilometres off Blakeney Point on the North Norfolk coast and 28 kilometres off the Lincolnshire Coast and Chapel St Leonards. It covers an area of 7511ha. Export cables bring the power from the wind farm to the substation onshore. These export cables… Read more »

Dramatic price drops

Words: Steve Sawyer, secretary general at GWEC The dramatic drop in price of solar and wind generated electricity, for solar in particular, has grabbed a lot of attention lately. Prices in the range of $US 0.03-0.04/kWh have come through in tenders from Peru to Mexico and Morocco to South Africa. It is almost to the… Read more »

Wind reflections

Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC, gives a global overview of wind power during 2015, a very positive year culminating in the Paris agreement in December. He predicts a steady growth in the industry over the next five years. Wind Power Leads All New Power Generation More than 150 nations gathered in New York, on Earth… Read more »

Looking beyond 2020 – what lies ahead?

We look at the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)’s view of the future energy landscape beyond 2020. Current targets set out for 2030 in Europe will see the wind energy sector and other renewable technologies transform the power sector and bring positive impacts to the European power system and the economy as we pivot towards… Read more »

Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2016

Following hot on the heels of Hamburg we turn our attention to the eagerly anticipated Offshore Energy Amsterdam. Here is our preview, just for you. The international oil, gas and renewable trade event is just around the corner and before it kicks off, the Offshore WIND Conference (OWC) will take center stage. OWC will again… Read more »

Sharing marine maintenance costs within new market spaces

Words: Stephen Holden, Maintenance Account Director, Global Marine Systems Limited Although there have been power cables in the marine environment for many decades, there have been relatively few in number until fairly recently. Those that exist are predominately national or short haul international cables and in terms of total kilometres are rather limited. Certainly this… Read more »

Extra Life

Words: Petri Aho, Senior Vice President, Service Sales EMEA & APAC. This year Moventas launched a new suite of services called Extra Life. Extra Life suites incorporate gearbox services for the most popular, aging fleets, namely GE, Siemens and kilowatt class turbines. By removing known failure modes and replacing them with core Moventas technologies, gearbox… Read more »

Testing Times

Words: Thomas Arnold, Team Leader Measurements and Technical Testing for Wind Energy Turbines, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH Treading a path to and from the filing cabinet is all part of the daily routine of many wind farm owners and operators. Many details of the condition of their wind farm can only be found there…. Read more »

Does wind energy still need certification?

Words: Kim Mørk, Executive Vice President of Renewables Certification, DNV GL Energy The wind power industry has changed massively over the last 10-15 years. New concepts, technologies and devices have arisen and certification has played an essential role in bringing these developments to market. But today the wind industry is much more mature, and the… Read more »

WindEnergy Hamburg

PES brings you a preview from the leading international wind energy expo, which expects more than 1,200 exhibitors. It is the largest international business platform onshore and offshore and reflects the global market and the whole of the value chain. It is the meeting point for decision makers from all parts of the world. Hopefully… Read more »

A never ending story

In the late 1990s, Hermann Albers, president of the German Wind Energy Association, was already pointing out that existing networks would not manage to accommodate the growing supply of green power. “Instead of taking action, grid operators began new planning, much too late because they didn’t believe in the success of renewables”, he frequently complained…. Read more »

Micro grids change lives

Micro grids are having a big impact on remote areas of the world. Romina Arcamone Garcia, Market Manager, Renewable Energy & Backup Power at Trojan Battery Co., LLC explains to PES how 24/7 energy is now possible in these areas. The establishment of off-grid networks, also known as mini grids or micro grids, around the… Read more »

Time to clean up

Driven by one of the globe’s fastest growing solar markets, Ecoppia is increasingly focussing on India. PES finds out why. Ecoppia’s new Vice President for Asia has had a very busy few weeks. Since joining Ecoppia, Nalin Sharma has been getting many enquiries from the leading companies in India’s utility solar space. As the country’s… Read more »

Many shades of grey

Energy and electricity are usually associated with the colour green. Not anymore. Today, grey is the colour of the European energy market according to Professor Leonardo Meeus from Vlerick Business School, Belgium, who provides PES with an insight in to the new market model choices being made across the EU and things that need to… Read more »

A question of management

Renewable energy generation, data collection, changing analytics, the grid edge… In a continually evolving industry how does the renewable asset manager keep up with the changes? Edmee Kelsey, founder and CEO of 3megawatt GmbH, gives PES her analysis of the situation…. These are turbulent times for Renewable Asset Managers. Every day there is something new… Read more »

Hybrid solutions for Mini Grid Applications

Mini Grid Applications are becoming more and more in demand from remote locations. They save on the costs of fossil fuel and logistics. PES finds out more from Omron… Improving access to modern energy services in rural areas is a priority for many developing countries (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina etc.), with more than 1.5… Read more »

Utility Solars New Cleaning Paradigm

As utility solar becomes increasingly competitive, companies seek gains in efficiency and production. Ecoppia and CEO Eran Meller are delivering just that with the market’s only automated cleaning solution – and the industry has noticed. Several months ago a dust storm swept through Israel’s southern Arava Valley, depositing a fine layer of dust over utility… Read more »

PV power storage: a guide

With so many of the large PV product manufacturers announcing the launch of their new storage products in 2016, what factors should you consider in order to make the best choice for your situation? Here BayWa r.e Solar Systems tells PES about some of the main features to consider: Battery lifetimeThis information is often displayed… Read more »