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From Hamburg to Husum

From 15 to 18 September, Messe Husum is expecting 600 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors. This makes HUSUM Wind, with its focus on the German-speaking market, this year’s biggest wind industry event anywhere in the world.

The hotly-anticipated fair is noted for its high level of practical application. The range of exhibitors covers all areas, from turbine manufacturers and energy companies to maintenance enterprises and wind industry suppliers.
Baden-Württemberg has become the partner state for this year’s HUSUM Wind. Franz Untersteller, the state’s minister for the environment, climate and energy, and Peter Becker, managing director of Messe Husum & Congress, announced the partnership during the 7th Baden-Württemberg Wind Industry Convention in Stuttgart. Baden-Württemberg is already regarded as an important supplier region for the wind industry, but is also planning to increase the number of wind turbines in the state.

Peter Becker emphasised the value of the state partnership: “Wind power is not just a model of success in coastal states like Schleswig-Holstein – the added value extends over the whole of Germany. Without federal states like Baden-Württemberg, the expansion of wind energy in this form would not be possible.”

Baden-Württemberg’s environment and energy minister Franz Untersteller stressed the importance of wind energy for Baden-Württemberg’s economy: “Wind energy has long been an important branch of industry – even in a landlocked state like Baden-Württemberg. Numerous businesses in the state have recognised this and adjusted themselves to it. And there is both great interest and a great need to also generate wind power in Baden-Württemberg. It is the cheapest way of producing renewable power, and we need this kind of electricity generation to compensate for the shutting down of the nuclear power plants, and thus help secure our electricity supply.”


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