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Hybrid marine technology for wind farm service vessels

If wind, wave and tidal energy installations are striving for genuine ‘green’ credentials it is logical to reduce consumption of fossil fuels wherever possible. Hybrid technology is being utilised by many transport sectors and industries around the world. The marine industry is now recognising the potential of utilising hybrid power and innovative propulsion systems.

The coastal countries of northern Europe are all experienced maritime nations with access to innovative design, high technology and construction expertise that has helped to develop the vessels that support offshore wind. The latest vessels have been optimised for high speed passage, turbine access and loitering at sea in harsher conditions. These designs are intended to have the capability to be utilised in sea areas such as the German North Sea and UK Round 3 wind farm developments that are further offshore. The last ten years has seen the wind farm service vessel market expand significantly with a steady evolution in design as operators aim to become more competitive and meet changing requirements. Key drivers for new designs are the ability to access wind farms in higher sea states and improved fuel efficiency.


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