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Powering into energy-efficiency market

With investment totalling £6m and a substantial contract win from a housing association under his belt, it’s no wonder former group managing director of Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Adrian Pike, is feeling positive about the future. He has taken an ambitious leap from the corporate world into the rapidly expanding solar and energy efficiency… Read more »

Intellectual Property And Renewables The Role Of China In The Global Market

As Japan and the international community count the cost of the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster and an energy strategy reliant on nuclear power, analysts are predicting an upturn in demand for renewables. Coupled with recent political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, which has added to concerns over security of supply, the renewables sector… Read more »

Solar photovoltaic electricity in the UK: lessons from the European experience

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) electricity is poised to become a significant and competitive supplier to the European electricity market. The UK has traditionally lagged behind markets like Germany, however, the introduction of a Feed in Tariff (FiT) is changing the scene. Whilst boosting the share of PV can contribute to reaching the UK’s ambitious renewable energy… Read more »

Economic Downturn Bites Into Germanys PV Industry

The reduction in Feed-in Tariffs and an overall declining economic climate along with a less than sympathetic Federal government are combining to make the going tough for Germany’s PV industry with many manufacturers now looking to increase their markets substantially abroad. PES reports on a difficult situation in the country that many others looked to… Read more »

Metallization still holds most promise for solar cell efficiency

In the complex series of processes that are undertaken to create a fully-functioning solar cell from an ingot of pure silicon, it is generally accepted that advances in the metallization process hold the key to greater cell efficiency. In this area DEK Solar focuses its talents exclusively on the process and is rapidly emerging as… Read more »

Enviable growth spurs on control technique specialists

Andy Green has worked for Emerson Control Techniques for 25 years, holding various positions including those of Systems Sales Director and General Manager. For the past three years, in the position of Industry Development Manager – Solar Inverters, he has channelled his knowledge of grid tie inverter applications in support of Emerson’s goal of becoming… Read more »

Total solutions for total efficiency

FlexLink is a worldwide company providing production logistics solutions and all services to suit the global strategies of solar clients. With 30 years’ experience serving its customers’ needs, FlexLink’s production logistics solutions decrease throughput time, work in progress and non-value adding operations. At the same time, they increase delivery capability, quality assurance and factory profitability… Read more »

Setting the new supplier standard

Customer needs are continually evolving and business requirements are forever changing. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the renewable energy industry. For Luvata, an early pioneer in the photovoltaic (PV) industry, a lot has changed in just a few short years. In this frank interview, Jussi Helavirta, Executive Vice-President of Luvata’s Special Products division… Read more »

To stay ahead of the PV pack, select the right vacuum

A venerable German company with a longstanding reputation for the development of application- and customer-specific systems for the creation of vacuums and extraction of processing gases, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is well-known throughout the industry. Here, PES speaks to Kavreet Bhangu, Global Head of Market Segment Solar / SEMI / Coating, about how the company has… Read more »

Sunny future for solar camera applications

Germany-based PCO was founded in 1987 to develop and produce specialised fast and sensitive video camera systems, mainly for scientific applications. Nowadays the company’s extensive product range covers digital camera systems with high dynamic range, high resolution, high speed and low noise, which are sold in the scientific and industrial market all over the world…. Read more »

Module quality: a critical consideration

When installing off-grid solar PV systems that often last for a quarter of a century, quality and reliability are perhaps the two most two vital factors. But with a vast (and growing) portfolio on offer to the consumer, it can be difficult to make the right decision. PES asked Richard Lowe of Dulas to takea look at the technologies… Read more »

Producing Tomorrows Solar Technology Today

ROFIN is an acknowledged worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of industrial lasers. With over 35 years’ experience in laser material processing the Switzerland-based company uses this invaluable knowledge to develop solutions for almost any laser application in solar cell manufacturing. PES spoke to Richard Hendel: Contacts Sales Manager Photovoltaic, about the company and… Read more »

Considering rooftop PV installations

Solar PV is leads the way in terms of applicable renewable technology with demonstrable benefits. But while photovoltaics have the potential to make a significant reduction to a building’s overall energy, they also carry with them sizeable installation and application considerations. PES investigates. Building design has changed dramatically in recent years with sustainable solutions becoming… Read more »

Staying ahead of the solar game

Since its formation in 2005 Sovello has distinguished itself through technological innovation, as well as demonstrating its forthright vision and its desire to be the world’s most sustainable solar company. Here, PES catches up with the company’s Konrad Sell, Specialist Corporate Communications manager … PES: Welcome to the magazine. We note you produce string ribbon… Read more »

Countdown to a crisis?

How the global crunch on natural resources is threatening to derail Europe’s PV industry There could be trouble brewing for Europe’s PV industry in the wake of a decision over mineral mining, taken in Beijing. The Chinese Government wants to severely restrict the mining of rare metals in the country, and the problem for us… Read more »

Tackling the quality challenge

With more than 26 years’ sales and business management experience, James Payne is the Managing Director of Upsolar Germany GmbH. He has worked with some of the world’s largest companies including Bombardier Transportation and Xerox, although he started his business career selling Apple Computers which eventually led him to start his own Apple-Authorised Dealership at… Read more »

Get ready for the European gold-rush

The European Commission recently launched its first call for proposals for the world’s largest programme of investment in low carbon and renewable energy demonstration projects. But what does all this mean for the future of wind? The so-called NER300 initiative will provide around €4.5bn in financial support for at least eight projects involving carbon capture… Read more »

What makes the wind industry tick?

Ever since the first windmills were developed by the Persians in the sixth century AD, man has been fascinated by the power of these simple but effective instruments which can do so much to utilise and harness efficiently the powerful natural elements surrounding us … Those comparatively primitive machines were designed to automate the essential… Read more »

Overcoming the offshore obstacles

When it comes to wind turbines and winning the public relations charm offensive, offshore is definitely the way to go. The very nature of siting wind turbines out at sea ensures there are fewer objections from protesters, environmental pressure on the brownfield sites of Europe is considerably eased and, most importantly, higher and more constant… Read more »

Research and innovative developments hold the key to wind turbines’ future

The wind business is in an enviable position throughout Europe. According to the most recent set of statistics released by the EWEA last year, more wind power capacity was installed in Europe during 2009, than any other renewable energy technology. About 39 per cent of installed renewable energy capacity was wind, followed by natural gas… Read more »

The Skys No Limit

Pilot trials are due to begin in India in 2012 for an ambitious and innovative project which could harness the power of the winds at over 30,000ft. At that height they blow at over 200mph, so it’s a goal worth pursuing to add to the world’s growing renewable energy portfolio and help ease the pressure… Read more »

Credibility and visibility are key to success for wind marketers

PES is proud to present a pair of exclusive interviews with two leading lights from the industry. First, we speak to Dow Wire & Cable’s Ram Ramachandran, Global Director of End-Use Marketing, about the US-based company’s innovative marketing and publicity strategy; followed by an illuminating conversation with Ian Davidson, Exxon Mobil’s Global Industrial Marketing Manager…. Read more »

Adventure at Alpha Ventus

Words: D. Kühnel, T. Neumann; DEWI GmbH As one of the world’s leading consulting organisations in the field of wind energy, Germany-based DEWI offers a number of related measurement services, energy analyses and studies, together with technological, economical and political consultancy for the industry, wind farm developers, banks, governments and public administrations. Here, two of… Read more »

Diversity proves key to success for German

German-based BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded by the three engineers who remain in control of its day-to-day operations and after whom the company is named. Providing one-stop logistical support solutions to the wind industry among others, the company has built an enviable reputation for stealth and reliability. PES spoke to founding director Joachim Binotsch about… Read more »

Setting a clear course for the wind market

PES speaks to Meriaura’s Xavier De Meulder about the Finnish shipping company’s wind power credentials and aspirations, the state of the European market, and delivering on promises whatever the weather… PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you begin by giving us a brief overview of your company and outline how you serve the wind industry?… Read more »

Mega weight movement proves plain sailing for Heavy Lift specialists

SAL Heavy Lift Shipping boasts a fleet of 15 heavy lift vessels, providing customised and reliable sea transportation solutions for all types of project cargoes, including heavy machinery, equipment for the oil and gas industry, (offshore) wind energy, cranes and floating cargo. The German-based specialists have developed an enviable reputation, largely as a result of… Read more »

German specialists keep turbines efficient and profitable

With a formula for success which includes combining years of practical experience with enviable scientific know-how in all areas of wind energy utilisation, Deutsche WindGuard Consulting GmbH has built an enviable reputation among the wind farms of Europe. The company, based near Hamburg in Germany, offers its customers engineering services of the highest standards in… Read more »

Tough new bribery laws set to intensify scrutiny of industry

Words: Catriona Munro The scourge of bribery and corruption traverses industries and markets like no other. However, against an eclectic backdrop of intensifying international competition and heavy R&D investment, coupled with a patchwork of regulation, the renewables energy sector could be particularly exposed to such threats. PES examines a new law that could potentially have… Read more »

Recruitment trends within the Wind Energy Sector

Victoria Kenrick of international sustainable recruitment specialist, Allen & York explores current trends within the wind energy sector; including an in-depth look at where the latest job roles exist within Europe, which job types are on the increase and the transferable skills that exist for professionals wanting to make their career move into the industry…. Read more »

Why Europe must conquer the peaks to integrate wind and other renewables

With many European nations embarking on smart metering programmes, Duncan Sinclair of Redpoint Energy examines the ways in which advanced meters can be used to combat the highly variable output of intermittent energy sources such as wind. In January 2011 the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) announced that Europe is set to beat its target… Read more »

Winds of change for UK FITs

In January this year, the British Government announced a far-reaching review of Feed-in Tariffs, which, on the face of it, seemed like bad news for the renewables industry. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that, while large- scale PV operators are right to be up-in-arms, the review could bode well for wind… It… Read more »

My vision

Do you feel as if you are helping in some small way to make a difference to the world? It’s a question that few of us ever consider, but the very nature of our industry lends it validity. In this issue’s exclusive ‘My vision’ interview, we put this and a selection of other, more philosophical… Read more »