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Considering rooftop PV installations

Solar PV is leads the way in terms of applicable renewable technology with demonstrable benefits. But while photovoltaics have the potential to make a significant reduction to a building’s overall energy, they also carry with them sizeable installation and application considerations. PES investigates.

Building design has changed dramatically in recent years with sustainable solutions becoming a prerequisite in most successful tender situations. The world is united in its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions with building owners, funders and tenants demanding the best environmental solutions to reduce lifecycle costs and minimise potential future obligations from the mandatory carbon schemes.

Not only do renewable technologies assist in compliance with government legislation, increased EPC ratings and reduced CO2 emissions, resulting from the operation of the building, they ultimately also lead to improved profits. With new incentive schemes being introduced to promote the widespread adoption of small and medium-scale renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaics (PV), the argument in favour of renewable energy is one that no serious building owner, developer or tenant can afford to ignore.


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