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Staying ahead of the solar game

Since its formation in 2005 Sovello has distinguished itself through technological innovation, as well as demonstrating its forthright vision and its desire to be the world’s most sustainable solar company. Here, PES catches up with the company’s Konrad Sell, Specialist Corporate Communications manager …

PES: Welcome to the magazine. We note you produce string ribbon wafers through an ecologically-sound process. Can you tell us what’s involved here?
Konrad Sell: Our STRING RIBBON wafers are manufactured with a patented production process that is licensed by us. Here two thin wires are pulled through a silicon cast from below. Using the surface tension principle, a 190 µm thin silicon film forms between the wires and is pulled upwards continuously, cools during the process, becomes crystalline and is then cut into 150mm long wafers using a laser.

The advantages of this method compared with the conventional manufacturing process are above all in the low use of resources and few process steps.


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