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Market Outlook 2015

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association’s annual report on the global market outlook for photovoltaics is always a welcome addition to PES, and this year is no different. As always, we’ve extracted the most important points covering the evolution of the European market, for a fascinating and essential briefing. A doubling of the market in 2010… Read more »

Sustainability and long-term success in a family-based environment

Grenzebach is a modern global organisation with a highly-motivated team who know their trade and are constantly developing new ideas for specific markets. To a large extent, the company’s success is based on the expertise and commitment of its employees. Several generations of them have been employed by the Germany-based company and each of them… Read more »

A PV portfolio defined by innovation

A world leader in a number of different market sectors, Henkel is known for its commitment to R&D and its brave approach to diversification. Here, Kornelia Theissen, Focus Segment Manager Solar Western Europe, discusses how the company’s portfolio delivers solutions across the entire value chain for the solar industry. PES: Welcome to PES, can you… Read more »

Tomorrows Questions Answered Today

One of the few global PV manufacturers to enjoy a 1.5 GW capacity in 2011 with a vertically integrated model that produces high quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono- and multi-crystalline PV panels, JinkoSolar is one of the industry’s biggest players. Recently we caught up with industry veteran and company spokesman, Arturo Herrero. PES:… Read more »

Last Word

Despite growing concerns over Feed-in Tariffs, and worries within the industry of a market slow-down over the next couple of years, PES finds it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, business is booming… “All over Northern Germany we see such public participation projects come into blossom. PV power plants of this size contribute to… Read more »

All aboard the PV express

Luvata’s Michael Nordgren talks to PES about keeping pace with technology, demand, politics and sunshine – on a global scale. The last few years have thrown many curves in the way of manufacturing and to no one is this more apparent than those involved with solar photovoltaic. With Feed-in Tariffs coming and going and PV… Read more »

Peak performance in solar technologies

One of the sector’s most innovative companies and a true system integrator in PV manufacturing, Meyer Burger is one of the solar sector’s shining lights. PES is proud to present a snapshot of this pioneering corporation. Meyer Burger stands for leading-edge photovoltaic technologies. The Swiss company is the only equipment manufacturer in the world who… Read more »

A short history of the PV connector

With over 15 years’ experience in the field, Multi-Contact is a leading provider of dependable connector systems for photovoltaic installations. The company’s pre-assembled connectors, cables, and junction boxes allow for quick and easy connection on-site, while the cable couplers are fully touch-protected and designed for high voltage and high current-carrying capacity. It’s safe to say… Read more »

Why Europe should say no to nuclear

Prior to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, many of Europe’s Member States were moving towards a new nuclear age – at the expense of PV and other renewable energies. But now? Well, we’re in a state of flux, and Lee Summers, Director of EOS Energy – the UK’s fastest-growing solar installer, believes that it’s time to… Read more »

Powering on in business

In the last issue of PES we met Adrian Pike, CEO of newly-launched company Anesco, which has rapidly become one of the leading players within the solar sector – backed by a £6 million investment, the firm has already managed some of the largest solar schemes in the UK. In part two of this dispatch… Read more »

26th EU PVSEC hits Hamburg

For five days in September, the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) will bring together experts from science and industry for the biggest PV event of 2011. For many years now, the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition has combined a renowned international scientific conference with a leading PV industry… Read more »

Tools of the trade

From a major operation in Europe to success in China; DEK Solar – as a world leading provider of screen printing equipment – play a crucial role in the PV supply chain. PES speaks to Alternative Energy Business Manager Darren Brown. PES: Welcome back to the magazine, what’s your on-the-ground assessment of the state of… Read more »

Maintaining standards for the PV industry

Germany-based Dr. Schenk GmbH are a leading solutions provider for the PV industry, improving material quality and efficiency and reducing waste through their inspection and measurement systems. PES speaks to Managing Director Michael Dobler. PES: Welcome to PES magazine, can you firstly explain a little about your role, and how it relates to the PV… Read more »

New inverters exceed expectations

Andy Green has worked for Emerson Control Techniques for 25 years, holding various positions including those of Systems Sales Director and General Manager. For the past three years, in the position of Industry Development Manager – Solar Inverters, he has channelled his knowledge of grid tie inverter applications in support of Emerson’s goal of becoming… Read more »

Shedding light on the impact of solar PV growth on European power markets

Redpoint Energy consultants Marc Daube and Edmund Phillips explore some of the potential consequences of the rapid growth in solar capacity on Europe’s power markets. First of all: the result of the quality processThe solar photovoltaic market has seen rapid growth in Europe. According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, total installed solar PV capacity… Read more »

Formula for growth

In pursuit of new business, manufacturers such as ACC Silicones Europe are increasingly turning their attention to the opportunities presented by the PV market. Marketing Manager Chris Dawson, Commercial Director Frank Geerdsen and R&D Manager Sean Stoodley spoke to PES… PES: Welcome to PES, can you begin by telling us a little about the company… Read more »

Forging bravely ahead in turbulent times

We’re delighted to once again speak to Air Liquide’s Olivier Blachier (VP Electronics Markets), who’s about to reveal a raft of new developments. For all the exclusive information, read on… PES: Welcome back to PES, could you begin by briefly reintroducing Air Liquide Group and its role in the electronics, and in particular, the PV… Read more »

A local approach to a global industry

With operations in over 40 countries, and a portfolio of products and services spanning numerous industries, Air Products Strategic Marketing Planning and New Business Development Director Andy Tuan speaks to PES about bringing 70 years of innovation to the worldwide PV market. PES: Welcome back to PES. When we last spoke, you were optimistic about… Read more »

Glass half full for PV

Benteler Mechanical Engineering is bringing its vast experience in the glass industry to the global PV market. Managing Director Martin Schnitker talks to PES about what they bring to the table… PES: Benteler Mechanical Engineering was originally focused on automotive and architectural glass processing machinery. Looking back, has your diversification into the solar/PV arena been… Read more »

Hiring green: military veteran recruiting for the wind industry

Having enlisted in the Air Force in 1981, Mark Goldstone finally retired as a Senior Master Sergeant in 2005 after a 24-year career. He quickly found employment in the wind industry, where he quickly discovered the similarities between his former service and his new career. Goldstone has never looked back, and now manages wind farm… Read more »

Equip your company with a clean, green edge

Many organisations can become disconnected in the way in which Energy and Sustainability is managed so that significant environmental and financial benefits can be lost. Here, Allen and York’s Victoria Kenrick presents an in-depth look at the development of the Energy and Sustainability role within North American wind energy organisations. Sustainability has become a mantra… Read more »

Congress plan to cut clean energy spend could bite deep on wind

It was not so long ago that President Obama went to the World Trade Organization with a forthright complaint over the protectionist tactics of the Chinese renewables industry; a grievance which was subsequently vindicated. Great! we all thought. At last an administration is prepared to back our essential industry. But, hold on there – now… Read more »

My vision Daniel Alessandri

As a marketer for Pall, Daniel Alessandri is used to asking questions of his suppliers, peers and colleagues. But answering them? In print? PES puts a selection of slightly more personal questions to one of the industry’s most influential figures. PES: Welcome to PES magazine, can you firstly explain a little about your role, and… Read more »

Upwardly-mobile turbines present increasing transportation challenges

The late economist E F Schumacher (1911- 1977) became something of a hero to the early environmental and ecological movements, not least because of his oft-quoted maxim: small is beautiful. But if that was true back in the 1970s it is nevertheless a rule which is being ignored in the current wind generation industry. If… Read more »

Taking rail transport to the next level

An iconic American company that enjoys a near legendary reputation across the country and beyond, BNSF Railway delivers a effective transportation solution for the emerging wind energy industry. The company has the personnel, network, equipment and technology to make your wind shipment cost-effective and convenient, and provides a customized shipping solution for all your wind… Read more »

Mega-change of wind direction sparks Canadian controversy

A recent decision by the Ontarian regional government in Canada has thrown the province’s ambitious offshore wind plans into apparent meltdown. In an unforeseen move, the province’s Liberal administration has cancelled offshore wind turbines over concerns about a lack of data, claiming there is insufficient information available about the technology’s proven success capability. PES investigates… Read more »

Thumbs Up For Canadas Largest Wind Farm

A Calgary-based company has been given the green light from provincial regulators in Alberta to construct what is expected to be the country’s largest wind energy project. The Alberta Utilities Commission has granted final approval to construct and operate the Blackspring Ridge I Wind Project which could be online as soon as 2013. PES reports… Read more »

Correct action now can lead to bright future for offshore

In this far-ranging and prescient report, Large-Scale Offshore Wind Power in the United States: Assessment of opportunities and Barriers, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) examines the state of play for the wind industry in the US as well as examining the vital steps the continent needs to take in order to ease the pressure… Read more »

Challenging future for burgeoning US wind industry

Although wind energy only produces about two per cent of the current electricity demand in the US, the Department of Energy, in collaboration with wind industry experts, has drafted a plan that would bring the installed wind capacity up to 20 per cent of the nation’s total electrical supply. To meet these expectations, wind energy… Read more »

BBC Chartering

A flexible, ocean-going carrier with a well-earned reputation in the wind industry, BBC Chartering operates more than 120 multipurpose vessels from a global administrative coverage of 24 local offices. The company is equipped to serve even the smallest of ports – perfect for the remote locations where wind turbines are employed – and as the… Read more »

Enabling a greener future

The promise of clean, unlimited wind energy presents many technical challenges for the components in the turbine nacelle. Reliability, remote monitoring, and ease of component maintenance are all critical concerns for manufacturers and operators of wind-energy-generating turbines. Nevertheless, Pall helps its wind power customers stay one step ahead through a range of innovative solutions. PES… Read more »

Commercial success fills vacuum at Pfeiffer

Dr Matthias Wiemer, Member of the Management Board and COO of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG tells PES about recent developments, including some major acquisitions, within the successful German-based company. PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you begin by explaining a little about the company and how you serve the PV industry?Matthias Wiemer: Founded in 1890,… Read more »

Enviable growth spurs on control technique specialists

Andy Green has worked for Emerson Control Techniques for 25 years, holding various positions including those of Systems Sales Director and General Manager. For the past three years, in the position of Industry Development Manager – Solar Inverters, he has channelled his knowledge of grid tie inverter applications in support of Emerson’s goal of becoming… Read more »

Total solutions for total efficiency

FlexLink is a worldwide company providing production logistics solutions and all services to suit the global strategies of solar clients. With 30 years’ experience serving its customers’ needs, FlexLink’s production logistics solutions decrease throughput time, work in progress and non-value adding operations. At the same time, they increase delivery capability, quality assurance and factory profitability… Read more »