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Diversity proves key to success for German

German-based BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded by the three engineers who remain in control of its day-to-day operations and after whom the company is named. Providing one-stop logistical support solutions to the wind industry among others, the company has built an enviable reputation for stealth and reliability. PES spoke to founding director Joachim Binotsch about the company’s origins, its evolution and its future ….

PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Could you begin by telling us a little about the company and its background, and explain how you service the wind industry?
Joachim Binotsch: The company was established 15 years ago in 1996 by the three of us – Klaus Bergmann, my brother Gerhard Binotsch, and myself. With a primary focus on project development but also providing certain consultancy services in particular. Then at the beginning of 2003 we took the decision to change the business model of the company into a pure consultancy by applying what we had learned from our international project development experiences and providing those experiences to our clients and since 2003 this has been increasing very successfully, so that nowadays we can offer our clients a full range of technical services, in particular involving energy starting with wind assessments, wind measurements, site identification, engineering, site planning and development, technical design and full technical due diligence services for both onshore and offshore, up to the end of the value chain and then construction supervision, finally also turbine inspections in close co-operation with our partners.

PES: There have been fears expressed that the European wind industry could be about to falter. Do you accept this is the case and, if so, how have you prepared for the possibility?
JB: Yes, we have heard about the suggestion that this may be about to happen. We find that many small to medium developers in the European wind industry are suffering from the lack of projects and assignments. On the other hand there are some major projects, particularly in Span that are being put on hold because of the granting of tariffs and not being able to finance the projects because of the economic climate, similarly in Greece. However we might be suffering in certain markets, we might see that certain companies have problems but in my opinion I don’t see a crash of let’s say the complete European wind industry and I don’t believe in such a crash because there’s a huge need for green energy and there is also a big political and industrial interest in wind energy and there is now a huge amount of very powerful and financially strong strategies in business moving big shares around in the market. I mean the big five European power companies, so yes the market may be weak and yes some companies may be affected, but no, I don’t see a crash coming to the industry.


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