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Tackling the quality challenge

With more than 26 years’ sales and business management experience, James Payne is the Managing Director of Upsolar Germany GmbH. He has worked with some of the world’s largest companies including Bombardier Transportation and Xerox, although he started his business career selling Apple Computers which eventually led him to start his own Apple-Authorised Dealership at the age of 24 in 1990. He joined Upsolar in 2009, becoming Managing Director in January 2010, and has lived and worked in the UK, Italy, China. He currently lives in Germany. Here he tells PES a little about the company and its business and technical philosophy …

China currently dominates global solar module manufacturing, and recent reports indicate that the country will increase its market share by approximately 10 per cent in 2011. While their growth in output has been much publicised, less has been said about Chinese manufacturers’ strides in quality. Upsolar, a solar module supplier with operations in both France and China, is at the vanguard of that evolution in quality. Founded by Zhe Jiang in 2006, Upsolar has since expanded to include offices throughout Asia, Europe and North America. As one of the world’s leading developers and producers of high-quality, solar PV modules available at competitive prices, Upsolar excels in three key areas: quality, variety and insurance.


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