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All change in the heavy lift market

After a difficult period, the heavy lift industry is making changes and diversifying. PES finds out how one such company is meeting the challenge head on. All the know-how and expertise is already in place for what looks like the beginning of a heavy lift revival. HANSA HEAVY LIFT, which specialises in heavy lift, super… Read more »

Consolidated expertise

For the past 3 years, ALL NRG has combined the strengths of several leading Danish energy service providers to create a solid base for further development. PES went to find out how this has been achieved and why there is optimism in the air. Collecting industry know-how from its individual business segments, such as high… Read more »

Powering wind energy maintenance

Words: Peter Hearn, Operations Manager, ActSafe In this, second of four articles, we see how ActSafe Powered Ascenders can be used for material lifting in the wind energy industry. What is an ActSafe Portable Powered Winch? A Portable Powered Winch is a Li-ion battery or petrol powered lifting apparatus that is certified for lifting both… Read more »

Success offshore

In October 2016 PES brought you the newly baptised Vol au Vent. It has certainly been a winner for Jan de Nul, with ongoing projects and planned improvements to increase the crane’s capacity and available deck space. The Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Project During the third quarter of 2017, Jan De Nul Group’s vessel Vole au… Read more »

Minimising your risk, maximising your return.

The demand for safe, clean reliable renewable power is growing at an ever increasing rate. Today PV technology is not only ecologically, but also economically a sensible alternative for power generation. A large scale PV power plant has to be competitive against conventional energy sources as well as other PV projects. With the elimination of… Read more »

High quality film requested for encapsulation purposes

PES takes a look at the latest way one company is offering a way to save time, money and be ecologically responsible, by using a new extrusion method. BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA encapsulation film at high production speed – on top – no energy consuming annealing and no… Read more »

Wind networking in Germany

WAB is the leading business network for the wind industry in Germany’s northwest region and the nationwide contact partner for politics, media and industry for offshore wind power in the country. Projects such as “Inn2POWER” clearly show that WAB is also active in Europe, on behalf of its 350 members, in the wind energy sector…. Read more »

The value of continuous, preventive maintenance

At PES we know that maximising uptime and reducing costs are essential to the offshore wind power business. Semco Maritime helps offshore wind farm operators do exactly this by offering full service and maintenance concepts for offshore substations and wind turbine foundations – the so-called transition pieces. Semco Maritime helps offshore wind farm operators maximise… Read more »

Gearbox full Load testing – full speed, full load, fully proven

During October 2015 Moventas Gears, the wind turbine gearbox specialist headquartered in Finland, made an investment decision, which now supports customers all around the UK and central Europe. The 3.6MW Full Load Test Bench & Final Assembly workshop was commissioned in Huddersfield, in August 2016. Supported by the UK government, the Huddersfield upgrade was part… Read more »

Making wind energy maintenance more efficient

In this, first of four articles, we look at how ActSafe Powered Ascenders are making wind turbine maintenance quicker and more efficient. We are all familiar with the adage “time is money”, and in offshore wind energy nothing could be more true. Getting people and material onsite quicker and allowing work tasks to be completed… Read more »

A new coating repair system

Offshore wind turbines suffer from severe corrosion and with limited access to them, the choice of the right corrosion protection is crucial. The most widely used protection methods are anti-corrosion coatings, often in combination with cathodic protection (in the submerged zone). However, these coatings often suffer from premature failure due to mechanical damage, application errors… Read more »

Hidden threats

PES hears from the Belgian company, ADEDE, about the challenges they face during the search for unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the sea and on land. This work is often hazardous and sometimes uncovers some significant archaeological finds. Offshore UXO survey The offshore environment provides huge technical challenges, one of which is UXO. And more importantly,… Read more »

Start-up to leading distributor

Getting almost every spare part and accessory for wind turbines from a single source to the customer – this is the business model WINDSOURCING.COM launched in 2013. Within three years the Hamburg-based company has developed to become the largest online distribution platform for the wind sector. PES Wind Magazine reports how the company was created… Read more »

Sub-sea controlling, monitoring and connecting

Words: Philip Rood The marine renewables market is ever growing and SEA, a part of Cohort plc, has expanded its engineering capability to provide a variety of support services to the wave and tidal energy sectors. Cohort plc, business SEA, has showcased its credentials, in the growing wave and tidal energy support sector, by installing… Read more »

Protect your turbines

Words: Dipl.-Chem. Joachim Rother, Technical Director, novatic COATINGS Group The novatic® COATINGS Group has an extensive portfolio of high quality coating materials, for industrial corrosion protection, for use in various industries. There is a wide range of corrosion protection systems and applications available ranging from easy to use, for the protection of interior steel constructions,… Read more »

Cable solutions

DONG Energy awarded DEME’s subsidiary Tideway cable installation contract for the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm. PES investigates to find out why and introduces readers to the ‘Living Stone’. Early June this year, Tideway BV, Breda, the Netherlands, a subsidiary of the Belgian dredging, environmental and marine engineering group DEME, was awarded a cable… Read more »

Offshore – Learning by doing

Offshore terminals are the most important interfaces during the construction of wind farms off the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas. Many wind farms have been created in recent years and more are already in the planning stages. The Hamburg-based company Buss Port Logistics (Buss) recognised the opportunities early on, and with their own… Read more »

Simply recycling with light

Words: Dr. Wolfram Palitzsch, Loser Chemie GmbH Loser Chemie is developing high quality, cutting edge recycling technology especially for the photovoltaic industry. The recycling of this waste is important from a political, economic and environmental perspective. Loser Chemie GmbH (LC) was a chemical company whose main business was in water chemistry. Recently Mr. Loser restructured… Read more »

Pyranometers – the next generation

100 years ago, the world was introduced to the first generation of pyranometers. These thermal hemispherical viewing devices measured the irradiance of the sun on a horizontal surface. Since that first generation, small design changes have been made to improve this state of the art technology. However, all of those changes have been incremental; small… Read more »

High quality encapsulation film

Quality is ever important in our industry and now Breyer have come up with a high quality, high speed extrusion process which has already been tested by TÜV Rheinland Germany…. BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA encapsulation film at high production speed. Most importantly, there is no interlayer film and… Read more »

On top of the roof

Traditional, heavy roof top PV panels can cause damage to both the roof and membrane. Andreas Zimmerer, Managing Director, Soltop EU, introduces PES to a light, quick fit alternative. We, at Soltop, specialise in roof top solutions; our main business is flat roof mounting systems and integrated fall protection systems. Unlike most of our competitors… Read more »

High quality encapsulation film

Quality is ever important in our industry and now Breyer have come up with a high quality, high speed extrusion process which has already been tested by TÜV Rheinland Germany…. BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA encapsulation film at high production speed – on top – no energy consuming annealing… Read more »

Getting it Wright

Training for any industry is of paramount importance in the drive towards creating an accident free culture and maximum efficiency. It is no less the case with a relatively new industry like wind turbines. Maersk Training is currently bringing techniques and lessons learnt in the oil and gas and maritime sectors to help increase understanding… Read more »

Managing Risk and Reducing Project Costs

In a time when energy companies are coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs, the need for reliable and innovative solutions that focus on improving efficiency and optimising ROI has never been more important. A company fully focused on this core objective is the SeaRoc Group. Formed in 2002, SeaRoc Group has almost 15 years’… Read more »

Meet the Innovation

PES discovers the background to GeoSea, part of the DEME group, from Christopher Iwens, General Manager of DEME’s German Subsidiaries. It was also an opportunity to hear about the recently completed work on the offshore windfarm Nordsee One … DEME has a rich history that dates back to 1852. The company has evolved from a… Read more »

The state of wind in Germany

The onshore wind energy market in Germany has seen some turbulent years recently. PES finds out more from Cornelia von Zengen and Silke Lüers, Deutsche WindGuard… The 2014 amendment of the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) implicated the most considerable change since its introduction in 2000, including a new definition of the reference yield model, direct… Read more »

Taking offshore construction to the next level

With the acquisition of the offshore jack-up crane vessel, Vidar, the respected Jan De Nul Group’s services for the installation of offshore wind farms will be considerably extended. We examine the group’s recent acquisition and wider wind offering. Services for the renewable energy industry are a key part of the services provided by Jan De… Read more »

Measuring success

Founded more than 50 years ago as a sub-division of Wavin-Labko Oy, Labkotec Oy is a leading Finnish manufacturer and supplier of electronic measuring technology. The company’s expertise is regularly relied upon by both industrial enterprises and municipal utility companies. And increasingly, the wind industry has been relying on its services. We consider the company’s… Read more »

Unveiling a new vessel

Slated to be ready for her first offshore wind project in the North Sea by Q1 2016, Wind Innovation is set to be a game changer for C-bed. We take a look at the specs and grab five minutes with the company’s Flemming Hjorth. Presenting Wind Innovation100% tailor-made for optimising the installation and commissioning stages… Read more »

Swiss solar panel specialist relies on FLIR thermal imaging camera to perform fail-proof inspections

Solar panels have proven to be a wise, future-proof investment in terms of economy and ecology. But just like any other technology, failures may occur. Thermal imaging cameras are an ideal for quick detection of those failures. Heinz Simmler, owner of Swiss photovoltaic inspection company Energie Netzwerk, is an avid supporter of this technology. Thermal… Read more »

Quality and quantity

In order to increase the profitability of wind turbines, components also have to come down in price – and that includes the sensors. But quality must not suffer as a result. Kübler’s Markus Brunner, Global Industry Manager Wind, explains how smart design is maintaining high standards and maximising profit. Cost pressures during the construction of… Read more »

Measuring change

Since being founded in 1881, G. Lufft GmbH has been the leader in the production of climatological measuring equipment – always with the motto “tradition meets innovation”. Now, they bring their wealth of experience to the offshore market with a new range of weather sensors. PES investigates… All of the digital Lufft sensors of today… Read more »

Seven energy megatrends

An outlook on determining trends in energy and related politics, courtesy of BBC Chartering. In the course of history, energy has always been a driving force for change. Nearly no other industry can claim having a more far-reaching effect on other industry sectors or society at large. The world is continually challenged to find answers… Read more »

Solar Irradiance Monitoring: an essential guide

Regular contributors to PES, Kipp & Zonen are world renowned experts when it comes to providing class-leading instruments for measuring solar radiation. But what is important when it comes to selecting solar irradiance measurements equipment in solar energy projects? And what are the optimal solutions and systems for PV, CPV and CSP projects? We asked… Read more »

Offering So Much To Solar Whatever The Weather

PES presents an exclusive, in-depth look at the pioneering projects and products of G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH. Global cooperation with system partners requires a wide variety of different variants and interfaces. Lufft environmental sensors, whether stationary or mobile, can be integrated via many different protocols in new or existing applications. Through the low… Read more »