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Seven energy megatrends

An outlook on determining trends in energy and related politics, courtesy of BBC Chartering.

In the course of history, energy has always been a driving force for change. Nearly no other industry can claim having a more far-reaching effect on other industry sectors or society at large. The world is continually challenged to find answers to pressing questions surrounding energy supply, energy demand, and sustainability issues in the 21st century. In this article, we present seven megatrends which may continue to determine the energy political agenda in coming decades.

Lower priority of ‘climate change’
It seems obvious that the discussion regarding climate change has lost its momentum and fallen behind economic priorities. Currently, the top challenges are the global financial crisis, unemployment, and reforming the banking industry. Global leaders are using the term “climate change” less frequently and it seems this trend will continue. Other topics taking precedence are: economic growth, competitiveness, affordability of energy, and the security of energy supplies.

This paradigm shift doesn’t mean that climate change should disappear from the global agenda. It is part of our daily reality that millions of people, both in developing countries and developed urban areas, often reside under unbearable conditions caused by recurring floods and tropical storms, for example. Because of these conditions, climate questions will not be lost in oblivion. Climate change will likely stay on the agenda but with lower priority compared to other energy political issues.


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