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High quality encapsulation film

Quality is ever important in our industry and now Breyer have come up with a high quality, high speed extrusion process which has already been tested by TÜV Rheinland Germany….

BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA encapsulation film at high production speed – on top – no energy consuming annealing and no interlayer film makes the production economic and energy saving. Furthermore, Polyolefin encapsulants can be processed using same method
Encapsulation film produced on regular extrusion lines has naturally a shrinkage which affects not only the process of laminating but can result in destroyed wafers and therefore creating waste and thus increased production costs.
A high quality and low-shrinkage film allows a smooth and fast laminating process. 
The more shrinkage a film has the more carefully the warm up procedure must 
be controlled and could increase the laminating time.

Since the regular extrusion systems, using calendars or cast rolls, are limited to a certain speed/output, BREYER has developed a profitable system for the production of EVA film and other gluey materials.With the developed extrusion process of BREYER CellProtect for the 
first time it is possible to extrude EVA or Polyolefine films film at high speed by keeping the shrinkage low. The process avoids tension in the film right from the start. Post annealing systems are therefore not required. In this way the line also consumes less energy.


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