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CN provides overland logistics package..

Turbine moves a part of CN’s growing green businesses CN and CN Specialized Services (CNSS) has recently completed the first-ever rail move of twin-pack wind turbine blades from German manufacturer Enercon GmbH and Salco Energy Services Inc. of Calgary. Enercon is a leading global manufacturer of wind turbine systems, and Salco Energy is an experienced… Read more »

Mobil Industrial Lubricants: helping to..

For more than 100 years, the team behind Mobil Industrial Lubricants continues to help companies all around the world to meet their most demanding energy challenges, pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new benchmarks for lubrication excellence.  Today, Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ family of premium oils and maintenance solutions help successful companies within the global… Read more »

When expertise and experience counts

Rickmers-Linie’s roots date back to 1834 when Rickmer C Rickmers founded a shipyard in Bremerhaven which soon gained an excellent reputation. The yard also became engaged in ship owning and the Rickmers Shipping Company was established in 1859. Today’s Rickmers-Linie is a direct successor of that company. After being part of the Hapag-Lloyd concern from… Read more »

Planning an ecologically-sound future..

Wind power, one of the fastest-growing sources of energy around the world, is popular, not least because of its obvious abundance and because it provides many communities with a clean, local source of electricity, as opposed to imported fossil fuels. In the US – which recently passed Germany to become the country producing the most… Read more »

local production is Key to meeting demand….

Alternative energy resources continue to be high in demand, and the photovoltaic industry is still leading the field. In order to ensure availability and short lead times, Swiss based PV connector specialist Multi-Contact largely increased their global manufacturing capacities and invested in state-of-the-art production facilities. {pagebreak}  In 1996, Multi-Contact pioneered with the introduction of the… Read more »

Manufacturing Execution Systems are vital ..

Prediktor is a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) company with its HQ in Norway and subsidiaries in Singapore, Germany and China. Prediktor is partnering with the PV industry to optimise manufacturing processes and reduce the cost of solar power. The Prediktor Solar Manufacturing Execution System helps realise a plant’s full potential, based on in-depth solar industry… Read more »

Italy: a PV powerhouse

In a country which often generates adverse publicity as a result of its fluctuating economy and ever-changing political system, one area of consistently good news lies with its renewables industry, which is seen as one of the most up-and-coming in the world. In fact, according to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. {pagebreak} investments in photovoltaics… Read more »

Innovative, powerful, different

Transiting the Northeast-Passage, applying a towing kite system, utilising the shark skin effect – three different topics, one common interface: Beluga Shipping GmbH, the project and heavy lift carrier known for great innovative spirit and the philosophy to go off the beaten tracks of commercial shipping.   {pagebreak} Three Beluga vessels are the first to… Read more »

Transport For Aulepa Wind Park A Case Study

Finnish heavy haulage and project forwarding company Silvasti Ltd. specialises in wind turbine projects in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. The company provides total logistics solutions for the most challenging installations, and in 2008, received a major contract to deliver 13 x 3 MW wind turbines to Aulepa Wind Park, on the west coast… Read more »

Improve your bottom line with Mobil SHC 500 series

The global energy marketplace remains increasingly competitive and customers are striving hard to increase their productivity. Considering this pressure, they are continuing to seek out innovative means to reduce energy consumption as one method to remain competitive. {pagebreak} To satisfy this demand Mobil Industrial Lubricants is clearly identifying those lubricants of its portfolio that demonstrate… Read more »

Bolting failure-free technology on to the..

Intellifast GmbH is a leading name in the ultrasonic load measurement business, launching on to the market in 1997 with a focus on the world biggest bolt consumers – the car industry. Here, Managing Director Frank Scheuch talks to PES about the company, its expansion into the wind industry, and his vision for its future.Intellifast… Read more »

Production cost challenges: the ..

ABB is a market leader in power and automation technologies, enabling utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 120,000 people. {pagebreak} ABB robots for solar cell and solar module production ABB uses all the latest technology to… Read more »

Driving technology in the PV industry

Flanked by wind and solar thermal energy, photovoltaic is the source to give developing regions access to clean energy. In order to compete with traditional and new energy sources, the photovoltaic industry follows one goal – cost reduction. To address this need, the Meyer Burger Technology Group has come up with a whole range of… Read more »

Setting trends in solar module production

Black Forest-based Robert Bürkle GmbH succeeded in making a breakthrough in solar module production with its Ypsator, the world’s first and largest multi-opening laminator. Here Managing Director, Ralf Spindler, tells us about the company and its ambitious plans for the future. {pagebreak} With the Ypsator, Robert Bürkle GmbH succeeded in making a breakthrough in solar… Read more »

Reflections on a rapidly-developing ..

There are very few industries that have grown as quickly as the photovoltaic industry over the last 10 years. Its image as a fancy technology is long gone and it is now on the way to becoming one of the 21st century’s sources of energy. Lapp Group’s Michael Collet explains… {pagebreak}  The industry has not… Read more »

CN provides a greener way to ship wind turbine components

CN’s rail network spans Canada and mid America, from the Atlantic and Pacifc oceans to the Gulf of Mexico. Combined with the railroad’s ability to work with connecting rail carriers throughout North America and the fact that CN provides service at more ports than any other North American railroad, CN offers attractive shipping solutions for companies… Read more »

Benefits of quality gear lubrication and reliability for the wind industry

Modern gears are performing heavier work and carrying greater loads than ever before. Gear manufacturers are redesigning, modernising and using finer steels to produce precision gears that will give better performance. This has never been truer than in the wind industry and the gears designed specifically for use in wind turbines. Furthermore, there is an… Read more »

Company forged in iron moves with the times

The German firm, Decker, started life as an iron foundry more than a century ago and has moved with the times ever since. In the late 1970s it began to supply etching equipment for the newly-emerging semiconductor industry and as this developed, so did Decker. Over the last 30 years it has created customer-specific equipment… Read more »

Taking on the challenge of grease lubrication in wind turbines

Taking on the challenge of grease lubrication in wind turbines Have you ever stopped at a wind turbine and been impressed at the sheer scale of the engineering challenges of constructing such a large harvester of wind energy? Developing and selecting the correct lubricant for these engineering monuments requires not only knowledge of lubrication solutions,… Read more »

12 months in solar dissected

Meyer Burger slices into the high-tech sector for success and sustainability Meyer Burger is a leading supplier of high-precision machines with wire saws, band saws and ID / OD slicing systems for cutting hard and brittle materials such as silicon, sapphire or other crystals into wafers, prisms and other shapes. The company’s offering includes various… Read more »

Keeping up with demand is the new PV challenge

It’s boom time for the photovoltaic sector and firms are increasingly finding that demand outstrips supply. This is the experience of Swiss–based Multi–Contact, who are working hard to beat the bottlenecks and ensuring their customers are being satisfactorily serviced. The global increase in the demand for electric power and the trend towards resource–saving energy production… Read more »

STANGL & SINGULUS – a strong player in solar technology

The coming together of two German hi-tech companies in August of 2007 resulted in a synergy that can only benefit the ever–expanding photovoltaics industry as a whole. Han–Juergen Stangl outlines the expertise of both companies and explains how they will operate for mutual gain in the solar technology market. In an ever–competitive environment, SINGULUS Technologies… Read more »

Turnkey wind-diesel for continuous operation

In this technical article, Soren Qvist Vestesen of Vestesen A/S – a veteran PES contributor – further outlines the benefits of a Danvest wind–diesel system. Danvest Wind Diesel SystemsWith reference to my earlier PES article from earlier this year, I should like to further describe the efficiency of the Danvest system for high wind penetration… Read more »

Taking wind turbines to new heights

Taking wind turbines to new heights Wind turbines are highly engineered and sophisticated machinery which may operate in wide ambient operating temperatures and extreme environments such as offshore. As a vital asset, it makes good business sense to protect it and prolong its life. Correct lubrication is a critical factor that has been recognised by… Read more »

Testing PV cells

Testing PV cells WACOM is a light source and lighting device specialist and one of the world’s leading solar simulator manufacturers. WACOM’s Lighting Device Division has provided Solar Simulator and I-V Measurement Systems for more than 20 years to almost all Japan’s PV makers as well as many of the main PV research institutions in… Read more »

A total fab solution for thin film solar modules

A ‘Total Fab Solution’ for Thin Film Solar Modules End-to-End (E2E) Fab Solutions for Thin Film Silicon Solar Modules are the latest of Oerlikon Solar’s offerings to the solar market. This package – which has been specifically tailored to customers with a turn-key requirement – has generated a lot of interest. {pagebreak} Business growth at… Read more »

When size matters

When Size MattersHarry Kyogoku, Zephyr CorporationWhen it comes to creating renewable energy, the Zephyr Corporation has learnt that size is now more important than ever before. Founded in 1997, the Japanese firm’s success has soared with a continued growth in sales of their Micro Wind Generators and Airdolphin models. With the European market top of… Read more »