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Start-up to leading distributor

Getting almost every spare part and accessory for wind turbines from a single source to the customer – this is the business model WINDSOURCING.COM launched in 2013. Within three years the Hamburg-based company has developed to become the largest online distribution platform for the wind sector. PES Wind Magazine reports how the company was created and what concept stands behind it.

“When it comes to failures in the operation of wind turbines, the time factor is decisive for operators and owners,” Stefan Weber, Managing Director and Founder of WINDSOURCING.COM, tells us. “One substantial factor to help reducing the downtimes of wind turbines is a good availability of spare parts and repair material as well as a well organised and expedited transport from the warehouse to the destination.”

This is the point WINDSOURCING.COM comes into play. The distribution company is often the final lifeline for a service engineer or a wind farm operator. WIND-SOURCING.COM provides almost every part required to get a failed wind turbine system going again. Stefan Weber and Seher Kaygusuz set up their distribution company WINDSOURCING.COM in 2013, entered the profit zone in 2015 and are now making a name for themselves in the wind energy sector.

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