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Protect your turbines

Words: Dipl.-Chem. Joachim Rother, Technical Director, novatic COATINGS Group

The novatic® COATINGS Group has an extensive portfolio of high quality coating materials, for industrial corrosion protection, for use in various industries.

There is a wide range of corrosion protection systems and applications available ranging from easy to use, for the protection of interior steel constructions, without additional demands, to high corrosion stress in maritime domains (C5M-high), as well as the protection of steel constructions within an industrial atmosphere (C5I-high), also with permanent exposure to moisture and for the chemical industry with its additional demands. Proven coating systems for the protection of the materials e.g. steel, spray- and hot galvanised steel, stainless steel, concrete and the like are available. This is why novatic® has been very successful over the past 20 years, in the wind energy sector and has numerous references.

In the middle of the 90s the first wind turbine steel towers (WTGS) were coated with a novatic® corrosion protection system. The importance of this market was already recognised at this time, so product development was purposefully encouraged. A team, composed of chemists and application technologists, successfully worked on applications on towers, drive engineering, gondolas, hubs and rotor blades. They developed a focus on the use of VOC-low coating materials, (coating materials with a low solvent content or solvent free) taking in to account the high technical demands from different specifications.

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