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Getting it Wright

Training for any industry is of paramount importance in the drive towards creating an accident free culture and maximum efficiency. It is no less the case with a relatively new industry like wind turbines. Maersk Training is currently bringing techniques and lessons learnt in the oil and gas and maritime sectors to help increase understanding at every level in the wind turbine industry. Training programmes have been developed to involve all staff with a focus on interweaving people skills with technical standards.

The same day Orville Wright died of a heart attack, a plane with 31 passengers onboard disappeared without trace in the yet to be labelled ‘Bermuda Triangle.’ They were amongst no fewer than 140 people killed in air crashes worldwide that January in 1948.

Forty-five years had passed since Orville and his brother Wilbur had broken free of the earth for the first time and in that period the airplane had grown from curiosity to an essential form of transport. What the new industry had yet to learn was how to minimalise the risk factor.

It is generally held today that the aviation industry has been the front-runner in the pursuit of an all-embracing safety culture. Core to the final goal of zero incidents is training and a common set of guidelines and regulations.


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