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Unveiling a new vessel

Slated to be ready for her first offshore wind project in the North Sea by Q1 2016, Wind Innovation is set to be a game changer for C-bed. We take a look at the specs and grab five minutes with the company’s Flemming Hjorth.

Presenting Wind Innovation
100% tailor-made for optimising the installation and commissioning stages for offshore wind farm operators, Wind Innovation makes a smooth entrance in the C-bed fleet with her DP2 capacity and Comfort Class 3 certification. Furthermore, she offers the invaluable “walk-to-work” time-saving concept.

As a worldwide pioneer within offshore hotel and project services, the company is determined to sustain its industry leading position. It is therefore pleased to announce the arrival of its most advanced offshore hotel vessel ever.

“Compared to the company’s existing fleet, Wind Innovation is a smaller but a much more advanced vessel. Normally, the fleet accommodates between 100-150 guests, whereas Wind Innovation has room for 90 people in 80 cabins. However, Wind Innovation introduces new and exciting features such as an advanced motion compensated gangway system that directly connects the vessel and the wind turbine foundation,” says Head of Offshore Division, Jesper Nielsen.
Other great client benefits include
UK flag state for the maximum safety requirements
Time-saving internal logistics and unique functionality designs
Operation costs reduction due to 24 hours operation option
Extended capacity and 4-star hotel service level
First project during Q1 2016
“Wind Innovation is the result of close collaboration between C-bed and the client. Thus, the vessel was carefully selected, redesigned and ultimately rebuild in close collaboration with the client” Jesper Nielsen concludes.


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