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Customer centric, flexible design solutions to meet global targets on solar expansion

Solar installation accounted for 20 GW, or 50% of all new electricity-generating assets added in the US in 20221. This is the largest annual share in the industry’s history and the fourth consecutive year that solar was the top technology with new electric capacity installations. As energy providers across the world move fast to expand… Read more »

Safe connections in the harshest environment

The world continues to shift steadily towards renewable energy sources, with solar photovoltaics representing more than one-third of generation growth. And this source will continue to grow at high speed. No doubt too, that more and more PV plants will be installed in areas with special or extreme climate conditions. In harsh environments, PV installations… Read more »

Solar as a full energy solution

We welcome two new faces from Solis Inverters in this issue of PES. Sean Collier is the company’s new Country Manager for the UK & Ireland, and Matt McCrimmond has joined as a Product Solutions Specialist, with rather a special brief. We were intrigued to find out more. PES: Welcome to you both. We have… Read more »

Creating connections for better energy use

In 2023, the energy management manufacturer Solar-Log GmbH and Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate and energy solutions, announced their strategic partnership in the field of monitoring photovoltaic systems. PES wanted to ask Holger Schroth, Chief Product Officer Solar-Log GmbH, and Dr. Markus Klausner, CTO Viessmann Climate Solutions… Read more »

Solar powered retail: keeping supermarkets sustainable and profitable

One of the fastest-growing and most promising commercial segments for solar energy applications is food retail. The logic is inescapable, with supermarkets consuming more electricity than almost any other retail sector. They need power 24/7 to preserve food in refrigerator and freezer cold cases, which can amount to more than 75% of their energy costs,… Read more »

Making the switch takes partnership

Ireland is moving ahead at some pace with its shift towards a greater use of renewable energy, particularly with the recent government announcement of zero VAT on solar. We thought it was a good time, therefore, to speak to SKE’s Akash Bais, Technical Sales Manager, Ireland, about how the distributor is finding things in this… Read more »

Solar installations: putting safety to the test

Despite advances in technology, Brad Perryman, Product Specialist Engineer at Seaward, argues that electrical inspection and testing of solar PV installations remains a critical requirement to ensure optimum safety and system performance. The installation of a PV system by property owners or third party investors is almost always undertaken after careful consideration of the costs… Read more »

Maintenance requirements for utility-scale solar

Adequate solar system maintenance is an important factor determining the long-term success of any solar production facility. Improper or insufficient levels of maintenance can lead to increased levels of production loss. This underperformance or asset downtime is avoidable with increased levels of both predictive and preventative maintenance. The recent increase in demand for solar PV… Read more »

Reduce waste by choosing solar panels more responsibly

Without a doubt, solar energy is one of the key pillars that will decarbonize the global energy system and address the challenges of global warming, by reducing our reliance on coal or gas fired electricity. According to a study by REC Group, for solar energy to make a contribution towards limiting the global temperature increase… Read more »

Microclimate monitoring supports solar commercial and industrial growth

According to International Energy Agency (IEA), solar, wind and other renewable energy sources are expected to continue growing, increasing installed capacity by 75% through 2027. This new growth shows there will be as much capacity added in the next five years as in the last 20, adding about 2,400 GW over the period. In the… Read more »

Next level mounting: the safe solution for every roof

Sophisticated load distribution, extensive tests in the wind tunnel and certified quality make Premium Mounting Technologies’ mounting systems stand out from the crowd. With the further development of PMT EVO 2.1, the company from Stadtsteinach sets new standards for PV projects. About one third of the energy consumed in Germany is used by its buildings…. Read more »

Prerequisites for getting to scale at speed

Positive intentions to rebuild the European solar PV value chain are continuing to accelerate, notably in the past year, as energy dependencies and vulnerabilities have become a reality. If we could transform intentions into realities, solar PV supply chain vulnerabilities, logistical concerns, energy costs and manufacturing emissions could be dramatically reduced. To develop a viable,… Read more »

Three decades of trend-setting innovation and development

As it celebrates its 30th anniversary, Mounting Systems GmbH looks at the changing landscape of solar and how the latest innovations can make a positive impact on a clean environment, while also ensuring a good customer relationship. In today’s world, renewable energies are more in demand than ever. The photovoltaic industry has experienced an enormous… Read more »

Powering the energy transition

Producing over 560 GWh of energy annually, the Baynouna solar park is helping Jordan achieve its objective of meeting 50% of its electricity needs from renewables by 2030. Creating enough energy to power 160,000 homes, this is a large-scale project that is also providing jobs and economic opportunities for the area. The Baynouna Solar Energy… Read more »

Technology under the surface

Being innovative is key to driving change and in the fast-paced world of solar, new technologies are fundamental to this. PES was keen to hear from Philipp Zahn and Marco Saladin, Managing Directors of M10 Solar, about the need for setting new benchmarks and how cutting edge technology can ensure maximum precision and efficiency. PES:… Read more »

HPDC technology takes utility-scale solar to the next level

LONGi has been at the forefront of the solar industry for decades, becoming the world’s most valuable solar company through a combination of envelope-pushing technology leadership and unrivaled manufacturing scale. But even by its lofty standards, its new Hi-MO 7 modules represent an impressive step forward for solar technology. CJ Fu, Head of Product and… Read more »

Solar energy management begins at home

As part of the globally operating German KOSTAL group, with a turnover of 3.3 billion € in 2022, KOSTAL Solar Electric offers a lean but extremely flexible portfolio of photovoltaic devices that meets all needs, from home use to commercial applications. In addition to inverters, a wallbox and energy meters with numerous functions round off… Read more »

Achieving greater energy independence begins at home

As reliance on solar energy increases, how can traditional PV modules be updated to offer higher efficiency with reduced energy loss and performance? And how does this then translate into cost savings and improved energy output for the end user? We asked these questions and more of Roberto Murgioni, Head of Technical Service and Product… Read more »

A sunny outlook for PV, energy storage systems and e-mobility

Photovoltaics is booming, not least thanks to its integration with energy storage and electromobility, as decarbonization and sector coupling progress. This presents great opportunities for the electrical trade. The latest trends and innovations in this area will be showcased at The smarter E Europe. The continent’s largest platform for the energy industry, and its four… Read more »

Next generation solar tracking

The requirements of solar parks are increasingly changing, with significant consequences for the tracker technologies used. There has recently been a discussion in the industry about raising the risk category from the current class I. This usually means an increase in the project-specific design wind speed for the structural calculation of the tracker. Instead of… Read more »

Solar irradiance beyond a shadow of a doubt

Capturing accurate solar irradiance data is essential for many fields of use, including architecture and construction planning, meteorology and climate research, and of course, solar energy applications such as designing and optimizing Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Traditionally, monofacial fixed-tilt PV modules facing the equator have been used in solar PV plants. In this application, it is… Read more »

Safe and efficient agrophotovoltaic structures in Europe

The agricultural sector in Europe and globally is undergoing an intense period of modernization, and farmers need access to inexpensive and safe electric energy. Renewable Energy Sources system producers offer numerous solutions in response to these needs. Among them is Corab S.A., a leading European producer of photovoltaic structures. Founded in Poland, the company has… Read more »

Monitoring, control, and analytics of a 650 MW PV power plant  

Germany will be home to the largest unsubsidised photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Europe, situated in Witznitz in a former open-cast lignite mine. The 650 MW DC facility, with an investment volume in the mid to high hundreds of millions of euros, is currently under construction by MOVE ON Energy and covers an area equivalent… Read more »

Showcasing the clean energy transition with solar

Energy Next will take place on 18th and 19th July 2023 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Sydney, co-located with the Australian Clean Energy Summit and supported by the NSW Government. The event will bring a quality, clean energy exhibition and technical session series to NSW, and host the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Masterclass, with… Read more »

Enhancing solar panel efficiency with the right cleaning agents and coatings

Airborne dust particles, sticky tree and plant sap, lichen, soot and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can contribute to a build-up of dirt on your solar panels. Accumulation creates shading on the panels and will prevent sunlight reaching the cells. This results in poor system performance, loss of efficiency and… Read more »

Leaving the cleaning to the robots

Keeping solar panels clean is crucial to maximizing their efficiency and ensuring optimal energy production. Dirty solar panels can reduce energy output by up to 30%, which can have a significant impact on a system’s overall performance and profitability. We thought it would be useful to learn more about some of the latest cleaning techniques… Read more »

The core of the matter

Without a doubt, storage systems are key to a successful energy transition. In the past months we have discussed production volumes, delivery times, supply chains and technical support comprehensively. But what about the ‘inner qualities’ of energy storage solutions? Are they interchangeable today, or what are the differences and features to watch out for? Although… Read more »

Overcoming subsurface challenges and risks

Subsurface challenges and risks are compounding as optimal land is less available for utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar sites. Without proper planning and consideration of a project’s specific subsurface challenges, costs can rapidly balloon, and developers and engineering, procurement and construction contractors (EPCs) can be left scrambling to remediate subsurface issues. In this article, FTC Solar… Read more »

Where luxury meets unique technology

Interdigitated Back Contact, or IBC, technology allows for a high efficiency of no less than 21.6%, which is a significant improvement over traditional solar panels. Belinus PV modules come with a 35-year all-inclusive warranty, which is one of the longest in the industry. The IBC technology used in Belinus’ solar panels is unique in several… Read more »

Editors Note

The growth of renewable energy sources is inescapable, and as the world grapples towards net zero it’s only likely to get bigger. Recent figures from the International Energy Agency (IEA), suggest that solar, wind and other renewable energy sources are expected to continue growing, even hinting that there will be as much capacity added in… Read more »

Time for climate action with scalable technology

The traditional energy supply landscape is changing, with solar energy becoming a necessity for modern companies. Many are taking control of their energy supply with their own industrial solar parks. PES learnt more about this shift from Joachim Goldbeck, CEO of Goldbeck Solar. PES: I am pleased to welcome you to this edition of PES… Read more »

Lightning behaviour: 
what we’re missing in blade protection

It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere, which means more lightning strikes to wind turbines. Most of the time they can handle the strikes, no problem. But in rare instances lightning does tremendous damage. When asked about a damaged turbine, lightning experts usually respond that ‘it’s force majeure’, or ‘it was a super-bolt™’. Not elegant responses,… Read more »

Measuring, analysing and acting for a better world with lidar

Around the globe, lidar is becoming the modern standard for wind measurement campaigns. With new wind energy projects being built rapidly, the need for accurate and reliable wind measurement data has never been greater. As organizations use lidar data and integrate remote sensing technology into every stage of wind energy development campaigns, it is important… Read more »

North Sea expansion takes off

Belgian construction company DEME is currently installing foundations for Vattenfall’s Vesterhav Nord and Syd offshore wind farms on the Danish North Sea coast. Installation of the 41 foundations, to support the 8.4 MW Siemens Gamesa offshore wind turbines, is handled from a new offshore wind port, the Port of Thyboron. The foundations DEME is installing… Read more »