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Powering up with N-Type solar cells

Founded in August 2018, DAS Solar aimed to achieve rapid development through innovation. With years of technological accumulation and a keen understanding of future PV technologies, it quickly recognised that N-type is the next generation, establishing a dedicated research and development team to focus on this high-efficiency technology. Vincent Cao, Senior Vice President, explains more to PES. 

PES: Thanks for taking the time to speak to PES. Can we start perhaps with an introduction to DAS-Solar?

Vincent Cao: Founded in August 2018, we are a national high-tech enterprise specialising in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of high-efficiency solar cells, photovoltaic modules, and system applications. Additionally, we are involved in the investment, construction, and operation of power stations. DAS Solar is also a strategic investment enterprise of state-owned companies.

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