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Innovative solar autarky

There has been an influx of hybrid solar inverters hitting the market recently, but few deliver the power, flexibility, and customer-pleasing visuals of Studer’s latest innovation, the next3 rack.

As more energy users seek to reduce their costs and carbon emissions, the concept of solar autarky, complete self-sufficiency from sunlight, has become incredibly appealing. However, achieving year-round autonomy comes with unique challenges, intensified by the rapid electrification of heating, cooling, and transport. Grid stability and energy security have also become hot topics in many areas of the world, driving the demand for more intelligent, future-proof hardware.

The solar retail market is also continually evolving. In years gone by, most customers were satisfied with reducing their energy bills while doing their bit for the environment. Today, consumers are far more discerning: they want an energy solution that can completely eliminate their costs and emissions, but it also needs to look good.


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