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Robotics solving solar’s vegetation management problem

PES talks to Renu Robotics’ CEO Tim Matus again for an update on the latest concerning autonomous technology in the solar industry. 

PES: Tim, it’s great to talk to you again. Please bring us up to speed on how Renu Robotics’ autonomous technology is solving the solar industry’s growing vegetation management problems.
What’s the latest on the Renubot?

Tim Matus: It’s great to talk to PES again and, as you can imagine, we’ve been busy. Renu continues to expand, we’re cutting grass at utility-scale solar facilities in various regions of the US and we’ve even rolled out a new company logo. In the past year, we’ve more than doubled in size, while fulfilling orders for existing customers and talking to new potential ones. Back in early 2019, there were a handful of us and now we’re 70+ employees and still growing. We’ve been looking for a new building to expand our operations, engineering, manufacturing and Mission Control. 

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