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On wide webs: laser structuring of flexible amorphous silicon PV cells

Numerous material choices and methodologies are available for photovoltaic modules, each presenting a distinct set of requirements, challenges, and opportunities. While creating small-scale prototypes of PV products is feasible, transitioning to industrial-scale production is a whole new undertaking. This article aims to provide insight into the factors, obstacles, and innovative solutions involved in facilitating the mass production of flexible, amorphous silicon solar modules. This was achieved through a fusion of laser processes and roll-to-roll technology.

Over the past decade, 3D-Micromac has engineered and built several laser machines for a wide range of PV technologies and concepts, including tools for half/multi-cell cutting by Thermal Laser Separation (TLS), high-speed PERC cell manufacturing, flexible thin-film organic and CIGS module production among others. Still, when the request for a machine for laser scribing of amorphous silicon solar modules was presented, it required a completely new machine due to its unique design features and production chain. 

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