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Harness the sun

Henkel is committed to innovating materials that provide solar system developers with formulations that support sustainable practices. Why? Because it believes that power conversion and energy storage reliability hold the key to solar power’s advantage. Human flourishing depends on three things: water, food, and energy, and their affordable access. The last element of this nexus,… Read more »

Image quality matters

Crystal clear inspection images. That is what blade experts need to consistently deliver accurate rotor blade damage analysis and effective blade O&M. Our clients wanted it. We got it done. Blade experts know that image quality matters more than anything else. Inspection providers are only as good as the images they provide, some even say…. Read more »

In deep water 
with tension leg platform design

The installation procedure of the ECO TLP® system for floating foundations, which is designed for extra-large (XXL) wind turbine generators in deep water, is a patented innovation capable of operating in water depths of up to 2000 meters. PES was keen to gain insight into the technology and the benefits it brings to the offshore… Read more »

Corrosion prevention is better than cure

2023 has been a remarkably productive year for Easy-Qote in the renewable energy sector. The company has participated in numerous events as both exhibitors and attendees, witnessing the undeniable enthusiasm for wind power development. Ensuring the longevity of these assets is crucial for the sustainability of this energy form. Implementing protective measures from the beginning… Read more »

Real-time data on the crest of a wave

Offshore wind farm operations are hugely affected by weather conditions. Finding the right weather windows and suitable sea states is a challenge and often it’s a race against time to finish the operations within safe conditions. Radac explains how real-time wave data can help.  The weather has a huge role to play in offshore wind… Read more »

Taking up position with heavy load handling

PES sat down with Darren McQuillan, Vice President, Global Business Development, at Bardex Corporation, to find out more about the company’s positioning as an engineering solution provider and how it brings together all aspects of project management, execution, contract management, and everything else associated with floating offshore wind. PES: Thanks for taking the time to… Read more »

Offshore blade test challenges: infrastructure and methods

Blades for offshore turbines have long since passed the 100 m threshold, and there is no end in sight. With increasing sizes and loads, the structural reserves of blades are being squeezed ever further by design engineers. Consequently, thorough validation at full-scale level is of the utmost importance to ensure reliability over the entire lifetime…. Read more »

Strong tailwind in one of Denmark’s most important wind energy hubs

Aalborg and its port have become major players in the international wind energy industry, as a leading hub for production and blade testing. PES caught up with Michael Rosenkilde Lind, Chief Commercial Officer at Port of Aalborg to understand more about how it came to hold this position and the kind of industry partnerships it… Read more »

Revolutionising offshore wind farm inspections: the power of underwater robots

Underwater inspections are critical to offshore wind farm operations. They help determine whether an area is suitable for development, gathering geophysical and geotechnical information. They also keep offshore wind monopiles, turbine jackets, and foundations safe and functional. Offshore wind farms are home to harsh aquatic conditions, including strong currents, tidal erosion, and marine growth. These… Read more »

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH): challenges in drivetrain development

As onshore wind turbines are installed closer to urbanised areas and in ever-increasing numbers, wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are faced with increasingly stringent noise regulations. To date, this situation has been mostly restricted to the European continent, but other regions in the world are starting to follow this trend very rapidly. Turbine and… Read more »

Empowering wind turbine owners

The global push towards sustainable energy sources has led to a significant surge in wind power adoption. As the industry evolves, ensuring the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of wind turbines becomes paramount. Recognising the critical role of turbine blades in harnessing energy, a pioneering project named Owners Requirement Phase 2 is bringing together wind turbine… Read more »

Establishing floating lidar as the standard for offshore wind resource measurements

Today, Floating Lidar Systems (FLS) are considered to be the established and de facto standard technology for offshore wind resource assessment measurements in the wind industry. Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES has accompanied this development from the beginning, not only as an expert in the development of guidelines and recommendations, but also by… Read more »

Going for gold in offshore wind: preparing for success

In these challenging times, access to detailed data, insight and tools within the wind energy sector can make the difference between success and failure. As the profile of offshore wind continues to grow, companies with significant experience and resources gained from other industries can make substantial contributions toward enhanced efficiencies across the offshore wind development… Read more »

Switching up to 5G

This autumn, a unique offshore wind ‘living lab’ in Grimsby, UK, was switched on to launch what is being heralded as a new digital future. It is hoped that the £2.8m project will accelerate the development of a new generation of digital technologies that are essential to the huge expansion of offshore wind farms. PES… Read more »

Launching a green future at sea

With two new buildings currently in the process of the final details at a China shipyard, Danish offshore shipping company MHO-Co already has the next generations on the drawing board. ‘Go green or go home’, the founder bluntly stated in a previous article and he and his staff continually practice what they preach. Following a… Read more »

Be a good neighbour and keep the lights off

Following up on its ‘avian monitoring on the radar’ article in the last edition of PES Wind, DeTect makes a welcome return with an introduction to Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems. How is the technology being used to monitor airspace around wind farms while reducing light pollution? An Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) is a sensor-based… Read more »

Lightning monitors: a shockingly vital investment

This year’s lightning season in the northern hemisphere is thankfully ending. Early reports from the field indicate that a significant proportion of lightning strikes caused blade damage. One disturbing fact is becoming clear: there is a tremendous lack of knowledge about which types of lightning strikes are creating damage. Nor is there a significant amount… Read more »

How to meet worldwide manufacturing and service capabilities with a global technology partner

PES had a conversation with Xabier Irure, who currently holds the position of Global Commercial Director at Ingeteam Wind Energy. Its primary focus at the moment is expanding its global presence. The conversation centered on the potential for growth and the challenges associated with sustainability in a highly competitive environment. PES: A warm welcome to… Read more »

Oceanic insights

As commercial maritime activity moves further offshore into more challenging environments, secure and accurate operational current data is essential to safely optimise vessel operations. The Nortek VM Operations Series is an important and timely innovation, providing real-time oceanographic data for the offshore market. The Nortek VM Operations Series helps map the sub-seabed for a new… Read more »

First things first with wind measurement

It’s not exactly rocket science, but now that wind is measured with lidar, it’s worth taking a breath to actually think about what can be done first on a site. Not surprisingly as a lidar manufacturer writing this article, at ZX we say measure the wind first. But, when the goalposts have changed it really… Read more »

Intelligent production concepts for offshore wind foundation pipes

Harnessing wind energy through offshore turbines frequently necessitates the use of monopiles as integral foundation components. These structures have now grown to such vast proportions that novel manufacturing techniques and equipment are essential. HAANE is a company that addresses these evolving demands by offering a variety of welding systems that ensure stability and dependability.  HAANE… Read more »

How efficient is your PV system?

‘Home-grown’ solar energy from a roof-mounted system provides greater independence, saves energy costs, and contributes to climate protection. However, dirt, technical defects, or shading from vegetation and roof structures can impair the efficiency of PV systems. Regular servicing, maintenance, and inspection ensure sustainable safety and reliability of the electrical installations, help to optimise their energy… Read more »

Advancing wind farm performance with aerodynamics and AI

Over the last three years, artificial intelligence or AI, has boomed, with the release of language models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Its ability to sustain coherent conversations about any topic has captured the imagination of people across the globe. This increased awareness of the capabilities of AI, has created the largest demand to adopt a… Read more »

Increasing the certainty in offshore wind

Given the multitude of challenges currently facing the offshore wind industry, project developers will appreciate having one less thing to worry about. Increasing costs, grid issues, and logistical bottlenecks are all things that are largely out of a company’s hands. But certainty over waves and weather measurement need not be left to chance. Renowned globally… Read more »

Enhancing safety protocols: the new age of training

The very nature of the energy sector demands an emphasis on safety. We are taking the very essence of power and attempting to harness it, transferring it into applications that run every core component of our entire way of life. Dangerous work requires extraordinary people to manage it, and a rigorous safety regime to ensure… Read more »

Be a good neighbour and keep the lights off

Following up on its ‘avian monitoring on the radar’ article in the last edition of PES Wind, DeTect makes a welcome return with an introduction to Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems. How is the technology being used to monitor airspace around wind farms while reducing light pollution? An Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) is a sensor-based… Read more »

eDNA breakthrough set to revolutionise ecological surveys for offshore wind

As we rapidly transition to renewable energy sources to help tackle climate change, supply chain resources are increasingly under pressure. There has never been a greater need for new technology and practices that help to maximise resources. Thanks to an industry collaboration, Natural Power and its project partners, EDF Renewables, environmental DNA and nature intelligence… Read more »

Unlocking offshore energy’s full potential

The Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) is set to once again take the energy industry by storm, offering a unique platform for professionals, experts, and businesses to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and technologies within the offshore energy sector. Scheduled for 28th and 29th November in Amsterdam, OEEC 2023 promises to be a… Read more »

See what hurts your blades before it damages your business

As wind turbines grow exponentially in size, so do the challenges associated with maintaining them. The industry’s issue lies in the scarcity of personnel willing to perform these high-altitude tasks, compounded by the increasing size of turbines which escalates downtime costs. Aerones is revolutionizing wind turbine maintenance with robotic solutions, enhancing efficiency, safety, and accessibility…. Read more »

The essential partner for manufacturers of active facades

Solaxess SA is a Swiss company specializing in the design of materials for the photovoltaic (PV) industry, intended for the realization of architectural projects. Thanks to technology developed by CSEM, and three years of reliability and certification, Solaxess contributes significantly to the aesthetic improvement of photovoltaic panels. Now, they are an integral part of buildings,… Read more »

Enhancing data quality through ventilation 
and heating: ensuring accurate readings 
in clean domes

Technical specifications provide valuable insights into a measuring instrument, but its true capabilities come to light through real-world performance. The presence of dew, frost, or debris on the optical dome of a radiometer can greatly influence its readings, often resulting in inaccurate data. Fortunately, these challenges can be effectively addressed by implementing ventilation and heating… Read more »

Sailing towards a sustainable horizon

After nearly a decade of operation, dship Carriers has solidified its position as a leading player in the global shipping industry. Through years of expertise and dedication, it has successfully navigated through the dynamic wind energy sector, adapting to changing industry demands and embracing innovative solutions. By actively supporting the smooth implementation of wind energy… Read more »

44 million newton meters and counting

Currently, the advancement of dependable wind turbines heavily relies on the continuous utilisation of test rigs. Thus facilitating the alignment of calculations and simulations at both the component and system levels, ensuring a seamless progression in turbine development. One notable contributor in this field is RENK Test System GmbH. Offshore wind turbines have seen a… Read more »

Fully booked as fleet triples in size

After just a few very busy months, Danish offshore shipping company MHO-Co based in Esbjerg managed to more than triple its fleet. The existing five vessels at the beginning of 2023 became a fleet of 16 by summer. A very fast and major step for any company, and especially for a small shipping business with… Read more »

Fresh thinking brings breakthrough sealing solution for main bearings

As wind energy moves to larger, lighter turbines in harsh and remote locations, its specialty in large-diameter, custom seals, alongside a reputation for reliability, is making System Seals a player of note in this growing space. Systemwind is the company’s offering for the wind sector. According to Sales Director Sean Hensey, it represents ‘fresh thinking’… Read more »