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The journey toward autonomous drone solutions and AI-powered analysis

The global wind turbine inspection and drone technology space is dynamic and fast-moving, so PES wanted to speak with Peter Fromme-Knoch, CEO; Thorsten Zander, CTO; Christian Raml, Head of R&D and Dan Baseley, Marketing, at Austria-based Aero Enterprise, one of the leading companies in both technology advancements and inspection services in this field.

PES: Welcome to PES all of you. We’d like to know some more about Aero Enterprise, what you are doing right now, and how you are transforming the wind turbine inspection process.

Peter Fromme-Knoch: Hi, thanks for inviting us. Yes, there are currently several exciting things happening here at our HQ in Linz, Austria. Hopefully, we can let you know about some of them today. But in short, we are a multifaceted technology company, specialising in wind turbine inspection solutions. We like to think we are a team of smart people, creating smart, innovative products and services for the wind energy sector.

Dan Baseley: The best way to look at what we do is to break it down into three different areas, but all are integral parts of the same machine. We have our hardware development team creating clever, real-time, autonomous drone solutions like our AERO Flight Intelligence System for wind turbine inspections; our software team creating AI-powered analysis and digital reporting software; and our operations management, who oversee and manage international project campaigns.

In essence, we are an end-to-end solution provider for our global customers and partners.

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